Teamfight Tactics’ highly experimental changes coming to PBE

Olivia Richman • August 16, 20:35

Despite Teamfight Tactics receiving a major update in Patch 9.16, Riot is already discussing some game-changing future alterations.

The auto-battler’s lead designer, Riot Mort, took to Twitter to discuss some big changes the team is considering. The future patches seem to mostly revolve around healing and anti-heal mechanics, including updates to items that would dramatically affect evolve the game’s meta and playstyle. 

The changes are currently on the Public Beta Environment. But Riot Mort made sure to emphasize that these possible changes are “extremely experimental,” and they may not ultimately make it into the game. 

Teamfight Tactics experimental update

What immediately stands out are the heavy buffs to Morellonomicon and Red Buff. Both currently deal 20% burn damage to the enemy’s maximum health over a 10-second period. Healing would also be prevented during that time.

But, according to Riot Mort, they may see a future upgrade causing 60% burn damage over 45 seconds. This is a nerf to the item’s damage-per-second, which would go from 2% max HP per second, to 1.5%. This possible change would focus their usefulness more around their anti-healing properties.

One Twitter user expressed concern that this nerf to Morello would encourage people to make “super boring comps” where teams do everything they can to “never die while they slowly tick down.” 

Riot Mort admitted that this could be a possibility. 

“6 knight + Guardian, throw Morello on the Sej and WAIT. For sure worth considering, as I’d say we don’t want that to be viable,” Riot Mort responded

This seemed to only concern fans further. 

The Blood Thirster is also seeing a nerf, although it’s not as significant. The item’s lifesteal will drop to 40% from its current 50%. Hextech Gunblade is receiving a similar nerf, with its 33% heal going down to 25% of damage done.

While items seem to be the main focal point, Swain is also seeing a nerf to his healing abilities. 

Since the changes are experimental, it’s most likely not hitting the live servers with Patch 9.16b, which is being released August 21. There’s a possibility the changes may arrive with Patch 9.17 on August 28 instead. 


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