Teamfight Tactics developer calls spectate mode “high priority”

Olivia Richman • August 27, 15:30

Teamfight Tactics may be getting a spectate mode sometime in the near future. 

Riot researcher Nathan “Blaustoise” Blau had the autobattler’s lead designer, Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, on a stream with him yesterday. While playing Teamfight Tactics, the two participated in a Q&A session with fans. One viewer asked if there were plans for a spectator mode. 

“Absolutely. Absolutely. We are working on that. It takes time, but absolutely,” Mortdog said. 

He added that spectator mode was “very high priority,” since it could also enable competitive events like tournaments. 

This is something that the Teamfight Tactics community has wanted for a while now. Despite a steady following, the autobattler title has yet to see much support from Riot Games when it comes to competition. Aside from the Teamfight Tactics Showdown in June, there haven’t been many large tournaments for competitive players to participate in. 

Competitive mode coming to Teamfight Tactics?


With the implementation of a spectate mode, major teams may also start looking into Teamfight Tactics more closely, hoping to form a squad while the scene is still young and developing. 

Teamfight Tactics currently has an average of 35,000 viewers on Twitch, despite it still being in its beta period. Still, this is nowhere near the 500,000 peak viewers that the LCS Summer Split finals match saw on Sunday for Riot’s main competitive mode on Summoner’s’ Rift. A tournament or professional scene might really help to boost Teamfight Tactics’ viewership numbers. 

The TFT community is also hoping for match history to be implemented, but no developers have made comments on that topic quite yet. 


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