Team SoloMid on LCS losing streak after loss to Counter Logic Gaming

By Melany Moncada


Mar 2, 2020

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Counter Logic Gaming got some revenge against Team SoloMid and secured a win in the 2020 LCS Spring Season.

Just when everything seemed lost, CLG got a victory over its eternal rival in the sixth week of LCS action. When the teams clashed in Week 2, TSM had the upper hand and CLG walked away with wounded pride. This time around, CLG hit back and stayed afloat in one of the worst seasons in organization history.

The victory over TSM is only the second win for the team in 11 matches. At this point, CLG is all but mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Still, the team can play the spoiler by taking some key victories.

CLG gets back its confidence against Team SoloMid

TSM went for a standard composition after its failed experiment from the day before against Team Liquid. CLG also drafted for comfort as Eugene “Pobelter” Park got his hands on Viktor, a pick that has worked wonders for him in the past.

TSM grouped up at level one and went for an invade in the top lane. In the process, top laner Kim “Ruin” Hyeong-min burned his flash, opening a 5-minute window of opportunity for TSM. Instead of exploiting that advantage, TSM kept going with its plan and played through the bottom lane, putting great emphasis on protecting the bot lane duo from potential ganks.

Wasting that opportunity hurt TSM badly. The team applied good pressure on the bot lane, but gave up objectives everywhere else. CLG didn’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to get ahead of TSM. Farming and going for the dragons was more than enough.

Throughout the entire game, TSM committed to pointless plays that added up to nothing. The map rotations were clumsy and often unnecessary. CLG stayed proactive and grew confident as its plays started to work.

Confidence was the key to CLG’s victory. CLG had a good read on TSM and claimed the map inch by inch.

In the late game, it was Pobelter’s time to shine. The mid laner was a menace and TSM couldn’t deal with him as he shredded through the players and their defenses for a clean win.

CLG is alone in the bottom of the standings at 2-9 and likely won’t rise much higher than that. TSM is currently tied in third place at 6-6 with a Team Liquid that is looking better than ever.

Next week, TSM is going against the top two teams in the LCS in Cloud9 and FlyQuest. Given how tough things were for them this week, that could be bad news. 


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