Team SoloMid gets first LCS win of 2020 by beating Evil Geniuses

By Melany Moncada


Feb 2, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Team SoloMid got its first win of the season, courtesy of a victory over Evil Geniuses in week two of the 2020 LCS Spring Split.

Things are looking up for TSM, as the team recovered a bit after an underwhelming debut in week one. TSM and Evil Geniuses fought for 38 minutes in one of the most action-packed games of the season so far.

The teams went for standard compositions, with an interesting choice on Evil Geniuses’ side. Jungler Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen picked Kindred, an off-meta champion that only occasionally appears in the LCS.

Team SoloMid brawls their way to victory over Evil Geniuses

The early game was decided by the players’ willingness to brawl. In the bottom lane, both duos went for aggressive trades without any kind of jungle intervention.

The aggression continued as the teams made an early rotation to contest the first Rift Herald of the game. At this point, Evil Geniuses had the upper hand and walked away with the objectives.

TSM didn’t back down and kept the game moving at a fast pace. This is a big change from week one, where TSM slowed down through the mid game and end up losing momentum.

Both teams kept fighting and contesting the objectives. Every time the teams had the opportunity to fight, the players jumped in and gave it their all.

The game was even for the most part, with the turning point coming around the 34-minute mark. Evil Geniuses got ready for the dragon, which would have been their fourth of the game and netted them the Ocean Soul. TSM got ready to contest and went all in, investing whatever it took to deny them. TSM managed to steal it and evened the number of dragons to three apiece.

That play gave TSM enough momentum to transition towards the baron. TSM knew they could outlast Evil Geniuses in team fights and turned that confidence into a game-changing baron buff. With three dragons and the baron buff, TSM felt comfortable enough to push for its first win of the season.

Evil Geniuses has fallen to ninth place with a 1-3 record. TSM will play Counter Logic Gaming on Monday, but is currently 1-2.


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