Team Liquid’s CSGO dominance continues as they tie another record

Tom Beer • July 24, 2019 1:00 pm

Team Liquid is on the path to potentially becoming the most dominant CSGO team of all time.

The squad’s dominant performances have already secured their HLTV world #1 ranking back in June, dethroning Danish team Astralis in the process.

With their recent wins versus Team Vitality at ESL One Cologne and a particularly dominant showing versus ENCE at IEM Chicago, Team Liquid have equalled another Astralis record. 

These victories mean they have now won six top-tier tournaments in a row. They also secured the Season 2 Intel Grand Slam in record time and have already recorded their first win on the way to the Season 3 prize.

Intel have actually made the prize more difficult to win in Season 3 by altering the rules after seeing how quickly Team Liquid was able to win Season 2.

While Liquid would consistently find itself a runner-up to Astralis in 2018, this year they have turned things around and become the team to beat. In a recent video by Duncan “Thorin” Shields, the CSGO analyst gave a direct opinion on Liquid’s greatness.

“It feels unfair to play against them. They are the most skilled lineup I’ve ever seen play CSGO. It doesn’t matter what two players are left in a 2v3, a 2v4, a 2v5, it feels possible,” Throin said.

Liquid has a winning percentage on every map in the competitive map pool except Train, which is the map they choose to permanently ban. Of the remaining maps, their lowest winning percentage is on Dust 2, where they still sport a 69% win rate.

The only title that is missing from the already stacked trophy cabinet for Team Liquid is a major. The Berlin Starladder Major will be held in September and Liquid are surely going in as the favorites. Winning a major is no simple task, but if this team can do it then they will have beaten Astralis’ record and become the most dominant team in CSGO history in one of its most competitive eras.

And with Astralis struggling to regain form and with Liquid able to soundly defeat Team Vitality and ENCE, the second and third best teams in the world respectively, the era of Team Liquid could be a long one. 


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