Team Liquid designs CSGO skins, will they appear in-game?

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 11, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Team stickers are a favorite in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but rocking a skin designed by a pro player is truly next-level.

Team Liquid’s CSGO team has designed its own set of custom skins, unique for each player. Each squad member sketched out their dream skins idea, which was then turned into reality by an artist. There’s already plenty of pro scene recognition in CSGO, so a pro-designed case isn’t that farfetched. While Valve has not announced plans to put pro skins in the game, this fun little experiment may give the developer some ideas.

The design session was social media content for Team Liquid, who released an official video showcasing the design process. Each member of the CSGO roster, which recently took seventh in IEM Dallas, got a different gun to color in. After designing the weapon skin, Team Liquid reached out to skin designers to create mockups of what they would look like in-game.

Longtime Liquid player Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski went first, showcasing a very exotic Deagle skin. The player signature above the trigger is a very personal touch. The Xs and Os along the side can be interpreted as a whole bunch of hugs and kisses.

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Keith “NAF” Markovic went for a fan-favorite combination of the AK-47 and a unique Fade pattern. The artists even included a sloth sticker on the handle to reference NAF’s famous chill attitude. His birthday is etched into the design too, which took him a second to realize.

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French rifler Richard “shox” Papillon designed a USP-S based on his favorite anime. The clouds and flames on the silencer are a direct reference to Naruto. The striking color combination is a little rough on the eyes, but many players would love to have it in StatTrak.

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Team Liquid AWPer Joshua “oSee” Ohm had to design a skin for his preferred weapon. His simple design was completely revamped by skin creator Porter_merc, turning a simple color-blocked skin into one themed around Bomb Pop popsicles. The barrel is even textured to look like a wooden stick. The colors definitely appeal to Liquid’s North American fans.

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As for appealing to Americans, captain Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella can’t be beaten. He rounded out the roster with a stars-and-stripes M4A1-S. The popular CT rifle has an intricate eagle across the gun with the American flag as a background.

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Will the Team Liquid CSGO skins appear in-game?

Team Liquid designed some pretty cool CSGO skins, but these won’t be coming to the real game anytime soon. Valve has never released weapon skins designed by pro players, but CSGO’s developer has always added autographs and stickers for major esports events.

Recent majors have also offered team patches to be used on agent skins, showing that Valve is willing to add new ways for players to rep their favorite esports teams. However, a very special occasion could call for adding pro-designed skins into the game Maybe Major champions can design their own weapon case for players to open after the tournaments? It’d be nice, but it’s all up to Valve.