tabseN stays atop CSGO rankings, but G2’s NiKo close behind

By Nick Johnson


Nov 19, 2020

Reading time: 2 min’s rankings take into account every detail of a player’s performance, and Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz is the king of hidden statistics.

At first glance, BIG’s top star sitting above names like Matthieu “ZywOo” Herbaut and Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev might seem like a mistake. It’s not. tabseN is capable of blowing up on any given map, but that’s only half the story. In fact, it’s not the handful of 1.5+ ratings that have tabseN in the number one spot, it’s his unwavering support.

CSGO is a team game and rankings based on a player’s headshots and frags don’t tell the whole story. Beside’s tabseN’s impressive stats, other highlights from WIN’s November 19 rankings include a massive jump by G2’s Nikola “niKo” Kovač and the sudden disappearance of Cloud9’s Patrick “es3tag” Hansen.

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tabseN’s teamplay contributions make him top CSGO player second week in a row

tabseN’s lines over the past month have been up and down, but that’s in large part thanks to BIG’s top-tier opposition. BIG’s losses have come when the team has failed to control the pace of the match. That said, tabseN has ratings that look more like an old-school Marcelo “coldzera” David than a storied veteran that has avoided the spotlight.

How good of a player is tabseN?

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tabseN is really good.

While he’s had some off games where he’s posted below-average ratings, he’s come alive at times when his team needs him the most. Recent highlights include a 1.64 rating against Ninjas in Pyjamas in IEM Beijing alongside a 1.65 against mousesports, and a 1.32 against forZe during that timeframe. Looking back even further, tabseN is posting above-average stat lines more frequently than ever before.

The stat that really sticks out is the way he’s using his utility. He’s recorded an average of 10.5 average damage per round from grenades alone. That’s separate from his average enemy flash duration of 2.69 seconds when he pulls out the flashbangs. Thanks to this week’s number one player, BIG leads all top 20 teams in both catagories. While teammate Florian “syrson” Roach may be BIG’s flashiest player, he couldn’t fill that role without tabseN’s support.

G2 Esports’ niKo is still CSGO’s biggest star

There’s no stopping G2’s niKo, however. Since uniting with his cousin Nemanja “huNter-” Kovač on G2, niKo looks like the star fans always knew he was. While stifled by the talent around him on FaZe, G2 Esports’ big signing is plowing through the competition alongside a team that was in a tailspin prior to his arrival. His placement is really a surprise, especially since it was clear that he failed to live up to his potential on FaZe’s star-studded roster. niKo and G2 Esports should gel into a strong, solid unit quickly.

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Finally, e3stag’s sudden disappearance has more to do with Cloud9’s inability to properly support a player that proved himself to be a star during his short tenure with Astralis. Unless C9’s “colossus” comes together as a team, C9 won’t be seeing a top spot in either of WIN’s rankings. es3tag’s first two matches ended in disaster, with two straight losses where the rifler failed to break a 0.9 rating. 


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