T1 destroys LNG Esports and moves to semifinals at Worlds 2023

By Melany Moncada


Nov 5, 2023

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T1 obliterated LNG Esports and is advancing to the semifinals at Worlds 2023.

T1 is defending the honor of the LCK and is taking the LPL teams one by one. In the quarterfinals, T1 had one of the best performances in the entire tournament. Reminding everyone why it’s the most popular team in the world.

Worlds 2023 is not going according to the predictions. Dplus KIA and G2 Esports failed to qualify for the Knockout Stage, Gen.G and KT Rolster were eliminated in the quarterfinals, and three LPL teams secured a spot in the semifinals. When it looked like it would be an all-LPL top four, T1 put a stop to it and took down LNG.

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History is in T1’s favor. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok has qualified for eight World Championships and has always made it at least to the semifinals. T1 has never lost a best-of-five series against an LPL team at Worlds. 2023 is not the year when Faker and T1 will break the streak.

T1 took a different approach to the draft in the series, going for unexpected picks that dismantle the current meta. In a post-series interview, bot laner Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong stated that T1 would establish the meta moving forward. This bold statement is a warning to the LPL teams that their usual tricks won’t be working against T1.

T1 secures semifinals at Worlds 2023

T1 is now set to face JD Gaming in a match that could decide the Worlds 2023 winner.

Considering T1’s current form and the close series between JDG and KT, the LPL’s number-one seed might be in trouble. LNG is the one team that forced JDG to go the distance when they met. If T1 could disarm LNG in three easy matches, it’s looking like JDG is headed into a battle to remember. Will JDG complete the golden road, or is Faker earning his fourth World Championship title? Only one can make history.

Worlds 2023 resumes the action on November 11.


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