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Sykkuno reveals the real reason he left Twitch for YouTube

By Olivia Richman


May 4, 2022

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Fans were shocked when Sykkuno left Twitch for YouTube Gaming. But Sykkuno recently revealed that there was a big reason for his decision to switch streaming platforms.

Sykkuno decided to tell his fans about the seemingly sudden move to YouTube. After an emotional few streams, Sykkuno announced that he was leaving Twitch. It seemed to make sense given that many of his friends are now on YouTube. But that apparently wasn’t the real reason why Sykkuno made the change.

According to Sykkuno, Twitch initially brought him a “bad” first offer. It’s been rumored that YouTube offered Sykkuno a lot of money to stream exclusively on the platform, and Twitch apparently didn’t match it. In fact, Twitch didn’t even come close.

After turning them down, Twitch came back with a “very, very good offer.” Sykkuno was satisfied with the reworked contract but noticed something in the email that turned him off of Twitch once and for all.

Why did Sykkuno leave Twitch for YouTube

Sykkuno explained to his followers that he was initially happy with Twitch’s decision to match YouTube’s offer. It seemed like Twitch actually cared, according to Sykkuno. But he would soon leave Twitch for YouTube regardless, and there was a big reason for the decision.

Sykkuno noticed something in the offer email that had him questioning how much Twitch truly cared about him. In the email, Sykkuno’s name was spelled wrong. He explained that he’s the 28th highest earning creator on Twitch and the 45th most-followed streamer of all time on Twitch, yet his name was written as “Sukkuno.”

“I mean, maybe I have too big an ego or something, but I was shocked. I legit thought I was getting scammed. I was afraid to click this email,” Sykkuno said. “I don’t know if I’m taking it too much, but they couldn’t even spell my name right.”

Sykkuno’s fans were shocked by the email. Most were on his side, offended on behalf of Sykkuno that Twitch wasn’t able to simply check the email before sending it out. While Sykkuno usually comes off as humble, many of his fans told him they were glad to see him flex about his success on Twitch and stand up for himself when he felt overlooked.

“Some intern at Twitch must be in trouble,” one fan commented.


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