Swole Patrol, Riot Squad reach WINNERS League Season 3 NA semifinals

By Nick Johnson


Jan 18, 2020

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In the first matchups of the North American WINNERS League quarterfinals, Riot Squad defeated Mythic and Swole Patrol stomped Station 7 to advance to the Season 3 semifinals.

WINNERS League lets up and coming teams make their mark and gain international recognition that may help them break out onto the national stage. In the North American division’s quarterfinal matchups, all four teams managed to post attention-grabbing plays.

Both Swole Patrol and Riot Squad won their matchups 2-0, with Swole Patrol looking especially dominant against Station 7.

Swole Patrol takes down Station 7 2-0 in WINNERS League Quarterfinals

Station 7 looked overmatched against Riot Squad, failing to pick up double-digit rounds on either Inferno or Dust 2. By halftime on Dust 2, Riot Squad had amassed a 13-2 lead, leaving little room for a Station 7 comeback. Although Sterling “sterling” Allard tried his best in the second half to rally his team, the match and series ended with a 16-5 scoreline

Former Ghost Gaming rifler Jason “neptune” Tran took the play of the match with a solid quadruple kill on Dust 2’s B site as Station 7 tried to enter.

Swole Patrol didn’t even need the infamous Braxton “Swag” Pierce to do much of anything, as Yassine “subroza” Taoufik and neptune paved the way for the win.

Riot Squad to WINNERS League semifinals over Mythic, winning 2-0

Riot Squad’s path to the semifinals was seemingly more difficult when looking at the final scores, but Mythic played from behind the majority of the match despite Kaitlin “keiti” Boop and Donovan “zNF” Froid looking particularly sharp.

Riot and Mythic’s match was over in two games, but an incredible one-on-five clutch from Austin “crashies” Roberts was the deathblow. Left alone to to defend the bomb against the whole of Mythic, crashies’ long flank back through middle and up to the catwalk to defend the bomb on A site showed that the Krieg, and crashies himself, can’t be underestimated.

The North American WINNERS League Season 3 semifinals continue this weekend with a matchup between Triumph and INTZ Esports, with the winner facing Riot Squad in the semifinals.  heading into the game.

After, Chaos Esports Club and their new AWPer Owen “smooya” Butterfield will take on Team Singularity to determine who faces Swole Patrol.


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