Sweet Anita opens up about self-harming, shuts down her trolls

By Olivia Richman


May 18, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Twitch streamer Sweet Anita recently talked about mental illness during a live stream on Twitch, a topic that unfortunately brought out a number of trolls. But Sweet Anita immediately fought back against those toxic people in the chat. 

Sweet Anita has Tourette’s syndrome, a disorder that causes her to have involuntary tics. For her, these are usually profane outbursts and strange noises. While sometimes entertaining for viewers, her openness has also shed a light on this serious and often frustrating disorder. She recently called out TikTok for taking down her videos for being “inappropriate.” This has happened to her on Twitch as well. 

Sweet Anita immediately appealed, although she was skeptical anything would happen from it. She is always standing up for herself. This is something she has had to do recently on Twitch as well, when trolls decided to mock her for having self-harm scars. 

During a recent stream, Sweet Anita decided to discuss mental illness. Some people in the chat decided to make fun of her, citing the scars on her wrists a reason not to listen to her advice. This harsh comment got a quick and emotional response from Sweet Anita. She explained that she started self-harming at around eight years old. She hasn’t self-harmed for over 10 years. 

“You’re not mocking me or my ability to care for myself. You’re mocking a nine-year-old for being abused you cuck womble,” Sweet Anita shot back. 

According to Sweet Anita, this self-harm her way to cope with abuse. She explained that people who self-harm often aren’t trying cause permanent damage to themselves. They are, in her words, sometimes just looking for a way to “fucking survive.” Depression can be life-threatening, she continued, because it doesn’t only make people suicidal. It causes people to stop sleeping, stop eating, or otherwise bring serious harm to themselves.

“If you want to mock that nine-year-old kid, well too bad. It doesn’t exist anymore. That’s a failing of yours and not a failing of a child trying to cope,” Sweet Anita said. 

In response, some users decided to play down the seriousness of mental illness. Despite the harsh and sometimes threatening words from some users, Sweet Anita remained on track. She replied that the person wasn’t proving anything about people with mental illnesses. Instead, they were proving everything about themselves. 

“If you hate me for struggling in life, from learning from life, for growing and improving my circumstances, that’s not my failing, and I’m perfectly happy as I am. But I can tell, categorically, that you’re not,” Sweet Anita concluded. 

What nationality is Sweet Anita?

Sweet Anita is of British nationality. 

Is Sweet Anita single or married?

Sweet Anita is currently unmarried and single. 

What happened to Sweet Anita?

There have been many times that Sweet Anita has been accused of faking her disorder for attention. She has responded that she doesn’t care if people believe her or not. No matter what people believe, Sweet Anita has said, she will continue to have tics and will continue to live her life in spite of them. 


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