Suning and G2 in first, Team Liquid has a chance to advance in Worlds 2020

By Melany Moncada


Oct 6, 2020

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Suning tied for first place with G2 Esports after a dominant victory over Machi Esports in the 2020 World Championship.

Things are getting interesting in group A at Worlds. Suning and G2 are currently tied in the first place with two victories and one defeat. Team Liquid is tied with Machi with one win and two losses. Group A is looking closer than ever ahead of the second half of round robins.

Is Team Liquid making it out of groups at Worlds 2020?

With the results in day four, the question on everyone’s mind is, will Team Liquid make it out of groups? After a convincing victory over G2, it’s looking like Liquid might have a chance to advance.

The focus of the group suddenly changed from G2 to Suning. The LPL squad is all warmed up and ready to contest the number one spot in group A. Sunin alienated both Liquid and Machi, and will look to do the same to G2 in the next round-robin. Suning has all the tools necessary to turn group A upside down. It just needs to keep its winning streak going.

As for G2, it’d be silly to write it off after only one defeat. The match against Liquid could’ve just been a day off for the team or a symptom of a bigger problem. Losing to Team Liquid is not ideal, but G2 is not the type of team that is easily affected by defeats.

That leaves Machi. The PCS team had a solid start in the tournament, but it might be running out of tricks to pull out. Machi gives up a good fight, but as the opponents are getting more comfortable, Machi looks weaker. Of course, there’s always room for a crazy upset on the final day of group A.

Group A returns to the stage on October 8.



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