GeoGuessr World Cup 2024

GeoGuessr World Cup 2024 — Is Rainbolt competing?

By Olivia Richman


Apr 19, 2024

Reading time: 3 min

GeoGuessr has become a bit of a trend on TikTok, with teens endlessly fascinated with how fast the top GeoGuessr players can pinpoint locations based on dirt, grass, and light poles. If you want to watch the best players in the world compete against one another, here’s how to follow the GeoGuessr World Cup action.

Where is the GeoGuessr World Cup 2024?

If you’re not a geography wiz like the GeoGuessr World Cup contestants, you may not know exactly where the event is taking place. This year, it will be in Stockholm from September 11 to September 14 — specifically at the Stockholm City Hall.

The prize pool is a whopping $50,000 so the top players are already grinding for a spot.

Top players in the GeoGuessr World Cup 2024

There are three continents that have their own qualifiers, with 24 total participants preparing to duke it out at the World Cup in the fall.

North America already had its qualifier back in February, with Jonathan “Gingey” Chen rising as the champion. Gingey and four others will compete on the international stage. Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) had their finals a bit more recently, bringing another 10 to the World Cup.

Asia’s qualifiers are happening next month, from May 9 to May 12. The final will be June 14 to June 16, ultimately revealing 13 more GeoGuessr wizzes that will compete with the best of the best in the fall.

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Here are the players qualified or the GeoGuessr World Cup so far:


  • Pieter “Consus” Noordijk (Netherlands)
  • Alonso “Topotic” Philippe (Spain)
  • Szabolcs “Debre” Debre (Hungary)
  • Finbarr “Finbarr” Mulcahy (Ireland)
  • Mathieu “Blinky” Huet (France)
  • Dorian “Kratsooo” Samair (France)
  • Marco “Mada” Pozzini (Italy)
  • Leon “Kodiak” Cornale (Germany)
  • Arman “Armani” Tanveer (Netherlands)
  • Andreas “Crookst” Fjellborg (Sweden)

North America

  • Jonathan “Gingey” Chen
  • Andrade “Orlando” de Moraes
  • Jake Lyons
  • Fau
  • Chicago Geographer


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Where is Rainbolt?

Rainbolt is one of the most popular GeoGuessr players in the world. Fans love watching his videos on YouTube and TikTok, where he seems to instantly find the exact location based on seemingly small clues in fan-sent photos or GeoGuessr images.

This has led many to claim that Rainbolt is waiting for the second version of the world or question why he doesn’t work for the FBI.

So why isn’t Rainbolt competing in the GeoGuessr World Cup? The first reason is that Rainbolt is a host and will be lending his personality to the event. The second reason is that he is not up the level of competition needed to be in the World Cup, which comes as a shock to many fans of the content creator.

Fans of GeoGuessr have argued that Rainbolt is a top 100 player at best, but not in the top 24 like the others that are going to the World Cup. He is seen more as a content creator who popularized the game rather than a top competitor or pro player.

That goes to show you just how incredibly talented the 24 pros heading to the World Cup really are.