summit1g shows off his diamond-encrusted mouse worth $100,000

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 20, 2021

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Popular Twitch streamer Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar’s newest piece of jewellery is an exceptional and freakishly expensive mouse. 

summit is one of Twitch’s most-followed streamers. The former pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player has garnered a massive fanbase with his entertaining content on trending games. Recently, summit has actively been roleplaying in the NoPixel GTA server alongside the likes of Félix “xQc” Lengyel and others. With his regular streams and compelling content, summit has attracted the interest of many sponsors to bolster his rig, but his newest gift is undoubtedly in a league of if its own. 

The 33-year-old streamer showed off a red and silver bejewelled mouse on his livestream that was sent to him by Finalmouse. The unique mouse had 15 diamonds encrusted on the body painted with artistic designs and shapes. The mouse didn’t look like any device you could pick from the shop around the corner, but summit was oblivious of the mouse’s true worth. 

While talking about his new mouse, the streamer revealed a limited edition Finalmouse piece designed specifically for him. However, he wasn’t sure whether the diamonds were authentic or not until the company advised him to get them polished once in a while. When the chat told him the massive price tag of the mouse, summit was truly blown away.

The mouse is likely a variant of Finalmouse’s Starlight-12 Gods lineup of mice and costs $100,000. Enclosed in a lightweight honeycomb shell, the mouse will be summit1g’s “first piece of jewellery,” the streamer said. 

The wireless mouse is certainly not the one you use for daily gaming sessions, and summit realized that after finding out its worth. 

“This thing is going to be taken and put into a safe every night.” summit1g said. 

Summit1g is undoubtedly one lucky streamer to receive a princely $100,000 mouse as a gift from generous sponsors. While he’s promised to keep the mouse safe, fans may see the Finalmouse limited edition make a guest appearance during his GTA roleplay streams now and then. 

What does 1G mean in CSGO? 

Dying to own molotov is called a “1G” in CSGO. It’s a classic CSGO meme that began when summit1g walked over his own incendiary, losing an easy round and ultimately a series. The former professional player had eliminated the enemy team and was on his way to defuse the bomb but he accidentally stepped into fire. With low health and no armor on him, summit cost his team the round, and the meme has lived on along with the streamer’s success. 

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