Subroza fail leads to TSM elimination from Pop Flash Valorant event

By Olivia Richman


Aug 29, 2020

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The match was Team SoloMid’s to win. Well, until it wasn’t. 

TSM was dealt a devastating loss that eliminated the team from Flashpoint’s Pop Flash Valorant tournament after a surprise loss to Dignitas. TSM had victory within its grasp until Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik threw the match. 

In the final moments of the series, Subroza could be seen watching the Spike closely. He was the last remaining player on the team when Dignitas, on the attack, made their way to the point to disarm the Spike. Subroza easily took out one opponent and then immediately took out his knife, playfully stabbing around the point. No longer armed and seemingly unaware that another enemy was on the point, Subroza was instantly executed by Dignitas’ remaining player. 

“I think Subroza thought he had it,” the flabbergasted casters said after the match. 

As one of the top North American Valorant teams, TSM was expected to make it to the Pop Flash playoffs. Instead, underdogs Dignitas flexed their way to the top of the pack, knocking TSM out of the tournament in the process. 

Valorant community reacts to Subroza throwing the game

Following the disappointing elimination, Subroza took to Twitter to explain what had happened to perplexed fans. 

“By the way, in the last round, I thought there were only two left. My team said ‘nice’ after I killed two. RIP,” Subroza said. 

While the loss was definitely unexpected for the team and their fans, the community was still entertained by a very intense series. It’s not too often that esports fans see such a high-level team have such a blatant blunder. Especially not for a spot in the playoffs. 

Even his own teammates saw the humor in the accidental throw. 

Sentinels was especially amused by Subroza’s blunder. 

“You HATE to see it,” they tweeted

The TSM rivals also posted another fire burn, aimed at both TSM and Dignitas. 

Sentinels wound up beating Dignitas in its match on Saturday, which created material for even more spicy memes. This time from Flashpoint itself. 


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