Struggling MIBR favored too heavily against Gen.G to pass up odds

Nick Johnson • April 5, 19:14

The matchup between MIBR and Gen.G has many excited to see if MIBR’s Gabriel
FalleN” Toldeo can lead his team back from their recent struggles.

This is a weekend that will see a variet of exciting matchups, including Astralis taking on Natus Vincere in a rematch of IEM Katowice while FaZe Clan faces Fnatic over in the ESL Pro League’s group stage. That said, Gen.G versus MIBR has the potential to be the most lucrative out of Sunday’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports betting offerings.

Betway has set Gen.G’s odds , granting them underdog status. It’s not without reason. Gen.G is full of talent from top to bottom, but the team is still having trouble working Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand into the lineup. He certainly has his good games, but some maps require a degree of communication that Gen.G seems to be having trouble with.

Add to the fact that MIBR beat Gen.G just over a week ago, and the odds nearly set themselves. But there’s a good chance that MIBR doesn’t show up for Flashpoint’s group stage.

It’s a good time to take on MIBR. After firing head coach WIlton “zews” Prado, there hasn’t been an improvement in the team’s play.

Gen.G all set to upset favored MIBR at Flashpoint

Gen.G isn’t low tier, and they have the potential to be a very real problem for MIBR.

Timothy “autimatic” Ta was instrumental in bringing the US its first Major championship win with Cloud9 in 2018. At only 17 years old, Sam “s0m” Oh is often heralded as a prodigy. As for an in-game leader, many North American teams would pick up Damian “daps” Steele in a heartbeat.

Kenneth “koosta” Suen has finally matured into an all-around competent player. Not only that, koosta is low-key leading Gen.G in the intangibles category. His stats aren’t as flashy as BnTeT’s, but the former AWPer already has enough clutch plays so far this year to fill a frag movie.

He’s calm under pressure and has a nose for clutch rounds. Koosta rarely hesitates when an opportunity arises. He’s a massively underrated part of what makes Gen.G dangerous to MIBR in this Flashpoint matchup. 

BnTeT is clearly one of the best players at Flashpoint, and would be no matter what team he was on. If Gen.G can square away the comms between BnTeT and rookie s0m, they’re a real contender for the second-best North American team behind Team Liquid

These are some experienced veterans with an explosive young talent. Add to it that these North American players are more at home online than on LAN, there’s a recipe here for an upset, especially given the Brazilian squad’s dismal performance lately.

MIBR betting favorites against Gen.G, but match is ripe for upset

MIBR continues to struggle under the vice-like grip FalleN has on it. Judge, jury, and executioner, FalleN has ushered new faces into MIBR as quickly as he’s shown them the door. The roster is still feeling the effects of Marcelo “coldzera” David’s departure to FaZe Clan in September 2019.

It doesn’t seem like there’s a plan inside MIBR other than to find another player or another coach and continuing to do what they’ve been doing: losing. MIBR is on top of the Flashpoint standings, but against the best competition, they can be tough to watch.

Over in ESL Pro League’s North American division, MIBR barely squeaked into the top four. They’re the only team to do so with a negative overall round differential, and although their wins haven’t been convincing, their losses certainly have been.

Until FalleN decides to step away from the keyboard and helm his varied business ventures, MIBR can’t grow, can’t evolve, and won’t compete for anything beyond tier-two tournament wins.

MIBR is vulnerable, and the odds are too far in favor of a team that’s slumping hard for us to leave this one on the table. 

Our Projection: Gen.G 2-1 MIBR

Betway Odds: MIBR 1.65 to 2.10 Gen.G to win outright

Gen.G will take on MIBR Sunday, April 5, at 6 p.m EDT. Prior to the evening matchup, Flashpoint’s group stage continues with a dead-even HAVU versus Cloud9 at 12 p.m. followed by MAD Lions and FunPlus Phoenix at 3 p.m.


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