What are the Street Fighter 6 game modes?

By Melany Moncada


Jun 11, 2023

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Street Fighter 6 has three different game modes for players to enjoy. Each mode offers a different experience based on how you want to play the game.

Fighting games have evolved since the early arcade versions with straightforward mechanics. The latest installments of the game include different modes for players to enjoy, including an online experience where they can connect with others. But if you aren’t in the mood for 1v1 action, there are a surprising amount of other options in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 game modes

There are three game modes available on Street Fighter 6, and each mode offers a specific experience.

Fighting Ground

Fighting Ground could be considered the classic mod, with players entering the arena to fight. You can choose to fight friends or CPUs, giving you great practice opportunities.

This mode includes different control types, players can for the Classic controls or use the dynamic Moder type. This mode has flashy visuals and real-time commentary.

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The online Ranked Matches are available through the Fighting Ground game mode. On the selection screen, players can pick to play online in a Ranked, Casual, or Custom match.

Battle Hub

The second mode is the Battle Hub, a space with plenty of activities available. Inside the Battle Hub, players create an avatar and will be able to communicate with other players. There are plenty of Battle Cabinets where players fight in arcade-like duels. These classic cabinets are available for individual play. Players can also use their avatars to fight other players or participate in the different events.

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The Capcom Fighters Network allows players to create clubs, befriend other players, and check the global rankings. It is possible to enter the Ranked Matches through the Battle Hub.

World Tour

World Tour is an open world game mode. Players will create their own avatars, choosing between different styles, move sets, and skills. Players can also level up their characters and learn from the Street Fighter legends.

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Take your avatar around the world, fighting against some new and some classic opponents. This mode also includes mini games that help you work on various fighting techniques and mechanical skills.


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