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Streamer explains why CSGO is more entertaining to watch than Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


May 1, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The gameplay comparisons between Counter: Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant are never-ending, but now the streaming community is also discussing how the two FPS are different when it comes to viewership as well.

Before Valorant entered the fray, CSGO ruled the shooter genre as the flagship title. In 2022, both Valorant and CSGO are in the race to be the number one. Players have their preferences when it comes to playing either, but it’s easier to tell what viewers like to watch. Despite Valorant’s animated visuals, streamers may find CSGO more leisurely to work with.

Popular streamer WarOwl recently took to Twitter to make a bold statement, calling CSGO a more entertaining game to watch.

WarOwl claimed that CSGO is friendlier to content creators when compared to Valorant. However, strict restrictions on streamer mode make it a menace to play on livestream. A streamer may have to join a lobby twice or sometimes even three times to start a queue. The game automatically kicks you out of the lobby if you have Trusted mode activated.

While his latter point is valid, some players requested clarification on the viewership bit of the tweet. According to WarOwl, it’s easier for creatives to work around CSGO due to vast in-game options. Those who don’t enjoy competitive can hop into different official game modes. Some extra time and know-how of the workshop can also help streamers take their content to a whole another level.

Is CSGO better to stream than Valorant?

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CSGO offers customization that allows players to add client commands, mods, mapping, and even create their own maps. All of these features keep CSGO fresh and new.

Counter-Strike content creators always have new ideas and videos that keep the viewers hooked. On the other hand, Valorant only has official servers that may limit the creator. Players can not tweak the options to create game modes. While Valorant is still a new game, it’s unlikely Riot will ever hand in-game customization to players.

For this reason, WarOwl isn’t entirely wrong. Due to all these features, the viewers may enjoy CSGO content more than Valorant as it never gets old. There’s always something new to watch. CSGO is surely content-creator friendly, and even viewers may enjoy it more than Valorant. Shroud has also explained why CSGO has better esports appeal.

“Meanwhile, I’ve had my grandma watch Counter-Strike and understand it. It’s super simple to understand from a watching perspective for the first time.” Michael “shroud” Grzesiek said on stream.

However, Valorant is gradually maturing into a cut-throat esports title with time. It’s already in the running to be the new go-to FPS. It’d be too soon to count it out of the content creation. As WarOwl mentioned, streaming Valorant is much simpler, so some streamers may opt to play it on Livestream.