Stats show highly skilled players inspect weapons most often

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 12, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional players are often seen inspecting their weapons mid-game. Stats say that it’s not just a pro thing, it’s a high-skill thing.

Weapon inspection is pretty common in CSGO, and lets players both show off their skins or take a closer look at a gun they’ve picked up. However, recent statistics prove that weapon inspection is highly connected with what rank a player is. According to‘s findings, low-ranked players don’t use the inspect key as much as CSGO pros and Global Elites. 

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The correlation between the two isn’t as random as it may seem on the surface, with the frequency of weapon inspection steadily rising from rank to rank all the way up until it peaks at Distinguished Master Guardian. These numbers were determined by analyzing 500,000, a large enough sample size to take seriously. The steady rise at lower ranks makes sense as new or lower-skilled players likely don’t know how to inspect their weapon or might not have a skin worth showing off. Why things peak there is up for debate, as it could be chalked up to Distinguished Master Guardian having the greatest number of dedicated skin traders or it could be that the game moves slower at higher ranks, with players not demanding five-man rushes to B every round. 

Another factor is likely the movement habits of high-level CSGO players. Ace AWPers in particular quickly switch to their expensive knives after shooting in order to retreat with many sneaking in a peak at the knife in the process. Simply put, animation usage is pretty common among CSGO pro players because of the confidence and experience factor. 

While flexing expensive skins is one reason, many players also have less important keybinds set on the inspect weapon key. For example, the command to clear blood and bullet marks “r_cleardecals” is often to the inspect key by players. You can switch between the two mid-game and use them for both purposes as well. 

How to bind multiple commands to one key in CSGO

There are hundreds of actions you can bind to keys in CSGO, and sometimes it can cause clutter in your brain to remember each of them. To remedy that, you can set multiple commands to one key in CSGO by adding a simple semicolon. For example, if you want to set inspect element and decals removal to one key, you can do it by combining the two commands with a “;”. Here’s how: 

Bind “F”+lookatweapon; r_cleardecals”

You can add even more commands by dividing them with a semicolon.