StarLadder Berlin Major Viewer Pass added in CSGO update

By Steven Rondina


Aug 14, 2019

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The StarLadder Berlin Major Viewer Pass is now available for sale.

As with past majors, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans have the chance to engage with the biggest tournament of the season by earning in-game rewards and completing in-game challenges. The Viewer Pass starts at $9.99, but fans can also purchase extra cosmetic items to commemorate the event.

There are no particularly surprising additions to the Viewer Pass this time.

As with previous years, the centerpiece of the viewer pass is the Pick’Em section, where players predict the eight teams that will advance out of the Challengers and Legends stages. There will also be a bracket for the Champions Stage. The Challengers Stage picks will lock on August 23, followed by the Legends Stage on August 28 and the Champions Stage on September 5.

Performing well in the Pick’Em for each stage completes challenges to upgrade the Souvenir Coin displayed on players’ profiles. Players can also complete challenges by watching live games during each stage of the event, or by winning 10 rounds in a competitive game on an active duty map.

The coin starts at bronze, but can be improved to silver after completing eight challenges. 12 challenges will elevate it to gold, while completing all 16 challenges will make it turn into a diamond coin.

Each time the coin is upgraded, it yields players a token for a Souvenir Package for a specific game. Souvenir Packages function similarly to cases and can be opened to yield a gun adorned with stickers representing a competing team.

Purchasing a Viewer Pass also allows players to spray the logo of their favorite team an unlimited number of times.

Alongside the release of the Viewer Pass are two batches of stickers. As with previous events, there are stickers for both teams and players competing at the tournament which are divided up by Returning Legends, Returning Challengers, and Minors Challengers. Team holo sticker capsules can be purchased for $4.99, while player autograph sticker capsules start at $0.99.

More information on the viewer pass can be found on the official CSGO blog.


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