Squid Game comes to CSGO in new community map

Fariha Bhatti • November 26, 11:13

Community designers have taken things to another level by bringing Squid Game to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

Netflix’s latest hit show Squid Game has become wildly popular in the gaming community. Mr. Beast’s real-life Squid Game competition includes a number of streamers and content creators, and various titles including Roblox have already introduced Squid Games knockoffs. CSGO is the latest shooter to get its own community map that will pit 64 players against each other in a fatal battle royale. 

Squid Game hit Netflix on September 17, and it’s been trending across gaming platforms since. The series has inspired many mods and maps in different games, with CSGO being the newest title on the growing list. 

Squid Game comes to CSGO Workshop

The new map has been put together by workshop authors DepoSit, concole, nexus, Orel, and Ansimist, and it features deadly challenges inspired by Squid Games. As many as 64 players can join the server at a time to engage in death-dealing challenges inspired by children’s games. Players must overcome six stages to win, but this map is based heavily on sheer luck, unlike the five-versus-five format of CSGO’s competitive mode where skill shines above all. 

The challenges are more or less like the ones that went viral from Squid Games. Here are all of the games in the newest map: 

  • Red Light, Green Light – You must cross a field where the player can be dead for every extra move.
  • Cookie – A game where you have to cut the shape out of candy with a knife. 
  • Tug of War – Players are divided into teams and start to pull the rope at speed so as not to be at the bottom.
  • Marbles – A player makes a bet and also tries to guess the opponent’s bet.
  • The Glass Tile Game – A small bridge consisting of ordinary and tempered glass. Jumping over the tempered glass will lead you straight to victory, while the regular glass warrants death. 

The final level is the closest you get to a typical CSGO game. Players who reach the edge of the bridge play the final stage called “Not a Squid Game.” Here, the remaining players will be equipped with knives. The survivor of this stage will be the winner. 

There has been tons of hype around the new community version of CSGO. Popular CSGO streamer and content creator Anomaly has also teased the idea of hosting a Squid Game contest in CSGO with a “cool skin” as a prize for the winner. 

Players can try out the new map here.


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