Moira in Overwatch 2

Some new Overwatch 2 heroes will be gated in the battle pass

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 9, 2022

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A new Overwatch 2 leak has suggested that unlocking heroes may not be as simple as it was in the original game, and fans are concerned. 

Overwatch 2 is set to be released on October 4 with brand new heroes that’d construct a new meta. Just a month away from release, players have started prepping for some of the incoming characters. However, a leaker has poured cold water over the excitement with reports of heroes being gated behind a battle pass or paywall. Overwatch heroes have traditionally been available for all with no barriers. 

Leaker Naeri shared a screenshot from Blizzard’s page that hints that the established norms for the game are going out the window with Overwatch 2. The image hinted that Kiriko, the new leaked support, among other items, may be gated behind a pricy battle pass. 

Will new Overwatch 2 heroes require you to pay?

Overwatch 2 heroes will not require fans to pay any money for them, for now.

The leak immediately caused mayhem in the Overwatch 2 community. Blizzard VP Jon Spector quickly issued a statement regarding the matter and clarified matters regarding the potential paywall. 

“Addressing some incomplete info posted early about our Overwatch 2 Battle Pass, we’ll be sharing all details ahead of launch, but want to confirm that new Overwatch 2 heroes will be available on the free track of the Battle Pass,” Jon Spector said.

Battle passes often have certain rewards available for non-paying customers, with more rewards available for paying fans. According to Spector, heroes will be unlockable for free. It’s unclear what will happen with the hero once the battle pass ends and it’s unknown whether all future heroes will be available on the free portion of their respective battle pass.

How to unlock heroes in Overwatch 2?

Players will be able to unlock Overwatch 2 heroes by playing the game and leveling up their battle pass.

The developer has clarified that heroes in Overwatch 2 will be free to play. However, players must unlock them through the battle pass’ free track.

Overwatch 2 beta

While the response came quickly, the initial leak still implied that those who paid for the premium pass would get instant access. This means players trying to unlock Kiriko through an 80-tier battle pass would be at a disadvantage in a quickly developing meta. It’s unknown how long unlocking heroes will take, which isn’t sitting right with players who got instant access to all heroes in the original Overwatch.

Battle passes in other games often make it much harder to progress for non-paying customers. Though players can still gain access to Kiriko for free, players fear it could be prohibitively difficult. 

The text referring to Kiriko in the screenshot has been edited since. The page doesn’t include Kiriko as part of the battle pass anymore, which means the process of unlocking heroes may be up in the air. Players will have to wait untill October 4 to find out whether a premium battle pass is crucial to gain instant access to new heroes in Overwatch 2.


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