Social media drama over Renegades CSGO roster plans

By Steven Rondina


Sep 12, 2019

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Australia’s top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team is set to explode. Either that, or everything is fine.

Shortly after Renegades’ elimination from the Berlin Major, Dexerto published a report by Jarek Lewis that suggested the players’ contracts were set to expire. This meant that there was a good chance of the popular squad either breaking up and heading to different teams, or staying together and transferring to a new organization.

However, when Lewis published the report on social media, Renegades sent out a public response through Twitter that simply said “nope.” This has since been deleted, but the organization further clarified later in a thinly veiled response on Twitter.

“We are so proud of what our CSGO roster has accomplished at the major,” Renegades said. “You can look forward to seeing more from them, and us, as we compete in the upcoming season.”

The response was met with snark by a number of fans, as well as former Renegades player Karlo “USTILO” Pivac. That said, it won’t take long to figure out which side is right in this back-and-forth.

What is happening with Renegades’ CSGO team?


Renegades has had a strange 2019.

After winning the IEM Katowice Major’s Asia Minor Championship, the team posted a surprise top-eight finish at the main event. That run further established Renegades as a high-end CSGO team, gave them a guaranteed spot in the StarLadder Berlin Major, and made them one of the most popular squads in the game.

They followed that up with a strong showing at the StarSeries Season 7 event, but the fun times seemingly ended there for Renegades. Despite being invited to a number of prominent live events, Renegades struggled to find any level of success. This included last-place finishes at ESL One Cologne, CS_Summit 4, and BLAST Pro Series: Los Angeles.

That established Renegades as something of a long shot to advance out of the group stage of the Berlin Major, but instead, they managed to do one better than in Katowice by reaching the playoffs’ semifinals. This top-four finish at a major renewed their high-level status and undoubtedly increases their value to organizations.

Time will quickly tell whether the Renegades players are actually on the market. The team is set to return to action quite soon for online leagues and qualifiers.


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