Sneaky’s latest sexy cosplay transforms him into a gamer girl

By Olivia Richman


Sep 3, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi used to be Cloud9’s talented AD carry. But it’s clear now that the League of Legends veteran is most popular for his streaming and monthly cosplay photoshoots. 

Every month, Sneaky posts two photos of his recent cosplays on Twitter. By now, fans know that they can get the full photoshoot, complete with sexier pics or signed polaroids, by subscribing to Sneaky’s racy Patreon. 

Every month, Cloud9 tells Sneaky that he’s “so hot, brother.” The ongoing meme has been one reason people tune in for Sneaky’s monthly tweets about his creative creations. 

But fans have noticed something happening over time. Sneaky’s cosplay started off quite simple, including his classic Pizza Delivery Sivir. Over time, Sneaky’s cosplay became very intricate, including expertly done makeup by his girlfriend and highly detailed outfits. It’s also around that time that Sneaky started his Patreon and fans began to eagerly await his extensive video game and anime-themed cosplays. 

It’s a far cry from Sneaky’s most recent cosplay. On August 30, Sneaky posted his latest photo set, called “Gamer Boy,” though the look is hardly boyish. Featuring a cute wig, a girly top, and two video game controllers, the photos were rather adorable. Fans immediately showed support, with many women asking where they could buy the clothing themselves. 

Sneaky cosplay Gamer Boy

But while fans did still approve of the new look, Sneaky’s cosplays have become a little simpler along the way. Instead of extravagant cosplays with props and professional photoshoots, in recent months Sneaky’s looks have become a little bit simpler and more chill. 

His most recent cosplays also included Sneaky simply posing in underwear and one of him with an e-girl wig and thigh-high stockings. And Sneaky does seem to have a good sense of humor about the direction of his cosplay.

While this look is definitely a less themed and detailed than his earlier cosplays, it’s very clear that the more feminine looks have been a hit with fans. For many in the gaming community, these sexy cosplays play into the “trap” meme that people often throw at Sneaky. It’s possible that Sneaky will again come out with a more video game-themed cosplay in the future.