You won’t believe your eyes when you see Sneaky’s new cosplay

By Olivia Richman


Jul 1, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Cloud9 is already hot and bothered over Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi’s newest cosplay. 

The veteran AD Carry may no longer be on Cloud9’s roster, but he is still clearly on the organization’s mind thanks to his increasingly sultry cosplays. 

The top LCS team shot its traditional “you’re so hot brother” tweet at Sneaky after he posted two eye-popping photos of his most recent cosplay. Sporting a bubble gum pink wig, a lacy sweater, and a plaid skirt, many gamers’ eyes were drawn to Sneaky’s photo set due to his black thigh high stockings and red heels. 

“Snacky and the thighs,” Sneaky posted, crediting his girlfriend for the look as per usual. 

The League of Legends community immediately responded to the post, unable to contain their excitement over Sneaky’s new look. Even though it wasn’t based on a popular female League of Legends champion, the community was blown away by his newest photoshoot, with just about everyone admitting their appreciation of the post. 

This latest steamy photoshoot will be available on Sneaky’s growing Patreon, most likely a bit later into the month. Fans who pay $10 a month will get access to the complete photo set, in case the photos shared on Twitter just weren’t enough to satisfy. 

Sneaky Cosplay thighs

Sneaky cosplays keeps getting wilder

Sneaky’s most recent photoshoot available on Patreon is from June, when he dressed up as Maid Nero. 

“After seeing the feedback on my cosplays, I realized people wanted more content and a way to support it. The best way to support the cosplays is through Patreon! I’ll be able to provide cool things such as signed prints, signed polaroids, and exclusive content. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°),” Sneaky wrote on his Patreon. 

The former League of Legends pro isn’t wrong. Over 1,400 people have signed up to get access to Sneaky’s exclusive cosplay photos. What started out as a hobby on stream with a simple maid outfit has transformed into a full-fledged second career with professional photographers and expertly done makeup.