Smooya parts ways with BIG, nex steps in

By Admir Mujacic


Feb 2, 2019

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One of Counter-Strike’s biggest trash talkers is parting ways with his team.

German esports organisation BIG has announced today that British sensation and up-and-coming CS:GO player Owen “smooya” Butterfield has stepped down from the main roster. The news comes as quite a shock, as smooya’s growth and impact have been substantial and a key part of the team’s successes during the last year.

Smooya joined BIG in April 2018 from Epsilon eSports and quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with as part of the predominantly German roster. His AWP skills helped to elevate the team to new heights during ESL One: Cologne 2018. Conversely, his occasional inconsistencies contributed to the team’s struggles during less successful outings.

In explaining his departure from the team, smooya cites his inability to adapt to BIG’s style of play along with decreasing time and space being made available for his AWP-heavy style of play.

The young Briton’s replacement will be a familiar face to CS:GO and BIG fans alike.

With smooya’s exit, Germany’s Johannes “nex” Maget will be making his return to the starting roster after having undergone medical treatment for wrist pain. Nex has a history with both the BIG organization and with some of his new teammates, making him a natural fit with the German team looking to reestablish itself after more recent struggles.

In spite of the move, smooya remains a talented sniper and is now one of the hottest free agents in the game. His aggressive AWP style coupled with solid rifling skills make him a well-rounded player despite his young age.

The mark he has left on the scene in such a short time span has already drawn notice from other teams, and it won’t come as a surprise if the Briton finds a new home sooner than later.


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