Smash personality D1 again accused of harassment by streamer

By Olivia Richman


Jul 17, 2021

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Pro Smash player and commentator D’Ron “D1” Maingrette was previously accused of sexually assaulting Kaitlyn “KTDominate” Redeker in 2016 at the Smash the Record event. Now, D1 is being accused of assaulting women in the Super Smash Bros. community once again. 

Filmmaker and streamer Sesh Evans came forward with her own experience with D1 in a July 16 TwitLonger. She revealed memories of D1 taking advantage of her when she was intoxicated, a similar experience to KTDominate’s alleged experience with D1 in 2016. 

Sesh started the TwitLonger by stating that she initially “hadn’t felt like there was a need” for others to hear her experience. But after seeing D1 claim he may be coming back to the scene, Sesh decided to share her situation in hopes of keeping D1 away from the Smash community. 

“After last year and finding out I was not a fluke or alone in my experiences I was profoundly disappointed. It was heartbreaking to know that somebody I considered a friend could do that,” Sesh explained. “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to tell the story. I don’t like to share bedroom stuff. I hate this. I’m mad this needs to be said but I feel the responsibility to speak out now.”

Sesh discusses D1 harassment and assault at E3 2017

Sesh told the Smash community that she had been friends with D1 for quite a while, going back to 2013. The two became friends with benefits at E3 in 2016. This arrangement lasted about a year. That’s when she decided to end it. 

Sesh decided to tell D1 she was done being friends “with benefits” at E3 2017. They hung out at an E3 after-party so that she could have the “crossroads conversation” but she noticed he was very intoxicated. D1 told her they could talk in a Lyft on his way back to his hotel. 

But instead of talking, D1 immediately tried to make out with Sesh in the Lyft, she wrote. She told him to wait and listen to her first. But D1 “continued to grab and kiss.” Sesh kept trying to say “no,” telling D1 that she had a boyfriend. 

According to Sesh, D1 responded by saying: “I don’t know him. He doesn’t have to know.”

Sesh told D1 that he needed to stop. Sesh then attempted to get D1 up to his hotel room, concerned about his drunken state. While D1 was in the bathroom, Sesh ordered her own Lyft to get back to her own room. But then, Sesh wrote, D1 came out of the bathroom “completely naked.” 

That’s when D1 allegedly assaulted Sesh, ripping off pieces of her clothing and forcing his head between her legs. Sesh finally got D1 to lay in bed and he eventually passed out. 15 minutes later, she was getting into her Lyft. 

“I felt like I was going to be ok, I survived, and that there was no way he would even remember what he did. It wasn’t okay at all and I was going to tell him that when I had the chance, ask what he actually remembered,” Sesh said about the following day. “I wanted to say, ‘You know how you always want to avoid a TwitLonger right? Well last night I definitely have one on you. So maybe consider not getting that drunk ever ever ever again. Saying this as a friend.'” 

D1 ignored her messages the next day. He also ignored her when they hung out with mutual friends. Sesh later found out that D1 had been telling people she was “cock teasing” him the night before. When she finally talked to D1 about that night, he was allegedly upset, telling her that she had “selfishly taken him away from other opportunities.” 

Despite her frustrations, Sesh decided to remain silent in the face of the rumors. But Sesh felt she had to come forward once she heard of KTDominate’s story. She wrote that her “heart dropped” when she saw the TwitLonger come out. While she didn’t want the claims to be true, Sesh completely believed the woman she’d never met. Sesh also wrote that she felt she could have possibly been raped by D1 herself if she handled the night differently. 

“It’s painful to realize a friend (and somebody who generally provides positive experiences for everyone) had this dark side too. The betrayed feeling I had from everything made me glad he had excommunicated himself from the scene. It felt like there was hope for him as a person by him doing so, that he really, truly did know how badly he messed up,” Sesh said. 

She ended the TwitLonger by telling the Smash community and D1 that they could do better. 

Smash community responds to D1 accusations

Earlier in the week, D1 shared a video where he explained how the last year was the “hardest period of his entire life.” He then told his side of the story about KTDominate, denying many of her accusations. 

Most of the responses to D1’s video were positive and supportive, which is likely why Sesh felt she had to share her story. 

After Sesh shared the TwitLonger, many responded that she should show “receipts,” as in proof of the situation. This included requests for proof of the Lyft rides and hotel employee statements. Sesh wrote a follow-up tweet that employees wouldn’t remember at this point. 

When others accused Sesh of trying to “cancel” D1, she tweeted back that she wasn’t trying to ruin his life or career. She simply wanted to take away his platform. 


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