Skin.Club launches $500 1v1 tournament for CSGO

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 24, 2023

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Skin.Club is hosting a paid 1v1 tournament in CSGO, and the prize is much more than just cold hard cash.

1v1s are a great way to practice both clutch situations and raw aim in Counter-Strike. The beloved pastime isn’t just casual though, and many players pride themselves on their skills at dancing between boxes. If you’re one such player, Skin.Club is offering a chance to test your skills on August 26, 2023, with $500 on the line. Here’s info on the GeT_RiGhT Tournament, how to join, and what you can earn from reaching the grand finals.

The tournament is hosted by elite CSGO skin trading site Skin.Club in cooperation with legendary players Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund and Finn “karrigan” Andersen. The event is entirely 1v1 with an exception for the grand final, which will be 2v2. The winner will get $300 cash while second place gets $200.

GeT_RiGhT CSGO 1v1 tournament

In addition, the tournament has a special twist to reward the two grand finalists. The event will switch to a 2v2 format, with one finalist playing alongside karrigan and the other teaming up with GeT_RiGhT. With that rule, players are guaranteed a sizable payout along with an opportunity to play with one of the game’s most accomplished players. 

How to join GeT_RiGhT 1v1 CSGO Tournament

Here’s how to sign up for the $500 GeT_RiGhT CSGO 1v1 Tournament hosted by Skin.Club.

The competition kicks off on August 26, with the playoffs and finals the next day. The competition is open to all players in Europe with a FACEIT account and the matchmaker’s proprietary anti-cheat installed. Each match is best-of-one up until the grand final, which will be best-of-three.

While a 1v1 tournament isn’t the best way to get your start in the CSGO esports world, this is a great opportunity to get some cash, get your name out there, and play with a pro player. There should be some time to get to know them and learn about their career, and both GeT_RiGhT and karrigan are some of the greatest players in the history of the game. Sign up now on Skin.Club for a chance to play alongside these two titans and possibly earn some cash in the process.

This article is sponsored by Skin.Club.


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