SK Telecom T1 scrape past KT Rolster in rivalry low point

By Melany Moncada


Jun 28, 2019

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SK Telecom T1 has again gotten the better of KT Rolster.

The telecom war is one of the longest running rivalries in esports. On week four of the current LCK split, SKT and KT clashed in an extremely important match for the two teams.

Consistently negative results this season have been deeply affecting both SKT and KT, and it showed throughout this latest series.

In game one, SKT started its usual roster with Kim “Clid” Tae-min in the jungle. His proactive attitude was nowhere to be found, and he settled for a slower pace with fewer ganks and almost no team fight participation.

While SKT at least showed some signs of life, KT simply played not to lose. The team absorbed the pressure and was reactive without making any moves of its own.

KT’s opportunity came after a massive mistake from SKT. Despite being ahead in gold and objectives, SKT’s players acted like they were losing and threw themselves at KT.

The misplay turned into a baron buff and two inhibitors for KT. With an open base, SKT regrouped, stole one elder dragon, secured the third baron of the game, and somehow stole the win back.

SKT support player Lee “Effort” Sang-ho subbed in for game two. In a post-game interview, he shared that the substitution was planned beforehand.

KT was willing to make aggressive moves in the second set. SKT remained confident in the face of this pressure, playing the map better and punishing KT’s aggression.

Despite taking some losses in the ensuing skirmishes, SKT secured the map’s neutral objectives without opposition. At 32 minutes, they had an 8K gold difference and four drakes.

SKT fought better than KT and aced them two times before winning the game and the series.

SKT and KT are now tied in the standings with two wins and five losses each. However, the LCK’s standings are based on individual games won. SKT has one game over KT, narrowly putting them in eight place.

KT is currently in ninth and is risking relegation once again.


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