Sinatraa says Blizzard won’t tell him about his own MVP skin

By Olivia Richman


Feb 4, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Blizzard is apparently not telling Jay “Sinatraa” Won any more information about his in-game Overwatch skin. 

On last night’s stream, the Overwatch League MVP revealed that he had no idea when his skin was coming out thanks to leaking details in September of 2019 when it was first announced. 

“When’s my skin coming out? I don’t know. Dude, they literally told me nothing now because I leaked that one thing about it being Zarya back then. So they’ll actually tell me nothing. It’s actually a tragedy, I shouldn’t have said it was Zarya. Fuck my life,” Siantraa told his viewers. 

Sinatraa revealed that his skin woud be for Zarya while talking on his teammate Matthew “Super” DeLisi’s stream last fall. He hesitated when first asked for details, wondering if he could even talk about the skin at all. In the end, he decided that he could at least say which hero it was for. 

“Okay I think I can say that. The skin will be for Zarya, but I can’t say the other parts of it,” he said. 

But apparently that was not the case. 

While Sinatraa didn’t reveal the “other parts of it,” it seems that Blizzard felt him spilling the hero was enough to barr the San Francisco Shock flex DPS from further details. This includes when the skin will be released. 

Sinatraa exclusive Zarya skin coming to Overwatch

Sinatraa’s skin being for Zarya is not a surprise to his fans. His switch to the tank during GOATS meta was a large part of the Shock’s success in Season 2.

Before he joined the Overwatch League, Sinatraa was most well known for his skills with Tracer. But he quickly became known for his unstoppable Zarya in competitive play before 2-2-2 role lock was implemented. He also showed off incredible Doomfist plays later in the season that cemented his icon status in the Overwatch League. 

Sinatraa is actually the second MVP to receive an Overwatch skin. 2018 MVP Bang “JJoNak” Sung-hyeon received a Zenyatta skin called Zen-nakji. A play on the Korean word for octopus, this skin showed off JJoNak’s love for the intelligent sea creatures in an eye-catching design on his top played support. 

The incredible skin has Overwatch League fans, and Sinatraa, dying to know how the latest MVP’s exclusive in-game skin will look.