Signed Cloud9 jersey survives fire that burns everything else

Fariha Bhatti • January 6, 2021 8:57 pm

Fire swallows everything, and that’s precisely what happened when a furnace blew in a Cloud9 fan’s home. His apartment burned to ashes, but his signed Cloud9 jersey somehow escaped the havoc.

Cloud9 has a loyal fanbase across the different games and divisions they field rosters in. But this fan of Cloud9’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team has stunned everyone after retrieving a slightly marred jersey from fire wreckage. 

Redditor Dacvid posted a picture of his torn shirt that had marks all over it. Dacvid said that the fire erupted due to furnace blowing up which burned down the whole apartment. His roommate, however, had his priorities set and chose to save Cloud9 jersey. 

“Furnace blew on the first floor, roommate told the excavator driver to stop while sifting the wreckage and saved this,” Dacvid said. 

The dedication to save the jersey could attributed to the signatures of the professional players on it. The shirt was signed by Cloud9’s former players Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip, Tarik “tarik” Celik, Timothy “autimatic” Ta, Tyler Skadoodle Latham, and Will “RUSH” Wierzba. Smudged signings by all the players stood out on the battle-scarred shirt. 

Redditor’s jersey was signed by Major-winning Cloud9 roster

Dacvid didn’t mention exactly how old the jersey was, but Cloud9 dominated at times with this former roster. The players have all moved on with new teams. However, the iconic quintet propelled Cloud9 to many victories. 

The squad won several titles including the ELEAGUE Boston Major in 2018, defeating FaZe Clan in what became one of the most famous finals in competitive Counter-Strike history.

The iconic five of Cloud9 didn’t stick for long. Cloud9 went through several changes, eventually releasing all five players. The North American organization bottomed out with new players on its payroll. Cloud9 has failed to reclaim a spot in top 10 of world rankings since it released the 2017 roster, though the team still has a loyal fanbase. 

The newly appointed general manager Henry “HenryG” Greer recently entered the picture with another overhaul. In a new roster led by Alex “ALEX” McMeekin, it’s still too early to say whether this version of Cloud9 will be as great as its former Major championship lineup. 

Davcid’s jersey may not be wearable anymore, but the fan gets to keep some of CSGO’s most famous veteran players’ signatures. This should be worth the effort his roommate made in saving the Cloud9 jersey. 


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