Shroud wants to see CSGO map Mirage in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 8, 2021

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s iconic map Mirage is still popular among the playerbase and Twitch streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek thinks that it’ll do just as well in Valorant. 

A few maps in CSGO are popular among the fans for their extensive history and sentimental value, and Mirage has managed to become of the most played maps in professional games. That’s why shroud thinks it’ll be a hit in Valorant. In a recent stream, shroud explained why Mirage would be a hit in Riot’s tactical shooter. 

Shroud talks CSGO map Mirage in Valorant

Shroud may have left his life as a CSGO pro behind, but it didn’t impact his fanbase much. His streaming career instantly took off, thanks to his Valorant streams that are just as entertaining as they’re educational. The pro player has spent a good chunk of his life playing Counter-Strike and, like any other player, Mirage is one of his top favorite map picks.

The streamer expressed his love for Mirage on his recent stream, explaining that it is one location he’d like the developers to add to Valorant. 

“I feel like Mirage is a good map. I feel like it’d work in the game, you could copy-paste it, and it’d work great,” shroud said. 

Currently, Bind is the closest any Valorant map comes to Mirage due to its dusty theme and open bomb points. It’s also one of the better maps, which explains why shroud thinks Mirage will fit in Valorant’s map pool. The former CSGO pro said that the map might work in Valorant if the developer adds it just as is, without even tweaking it. 

However, the reason behind his excitement over Mirage in Valorant is quite hilarious. Shroud commented that he’s most excited about “spamming through the halls with an Odin.” 

Valorant’s paper walls are known for enabling Odin users to destroy enemies through barriers. There are many penetrable areas across different maps that warrant accurate wall bangs and even easy kills against enemies with half armor. Meanwhile, CSGO’s map design doesn’t allow players to shoot through many spots but Mirage has a few of those shroud wants to exploit using the “troll weapon” Odin. 

Mirage in Valorant will undoubtedly be an exciting mix but it’s unlikely Riot Games will “copy-paste” the map. However, a variation of Mirage may enter Valorant as the developer has already rolled in two cool-toned maps in Icebox and Breeze. Players should expect the following map to be much similar to Bind, or maybe even like Mirage. 

When is the next Valorant coming?

Riot Games has just released Kay/O as part of Episode 3 Act 1 so no major updates should be expected in the current Act. The developer would likely roll out a new map in Episode 3 Act 2, which may begin on August 24. 


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