shroud shows off Valorant bug that lets you see enemies anywhere

By Olivia Richman


Feb 10, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Michael “shroud” Grzesiek has consistently proven to be a beast at Valorant during his streaming career. But he was able to get an even bigger advantage on an unsuspecting opponent thanks to a strange and powerful bug. 

During a recent stream, shroud was enjoying a game of Valorant when he encountered a potentially game-breaking glitch. The streamer decided to peak while defending Haven’s C Site. An enemy opened fire on him in response. shroud quickly hid behind a box, but noticed that he could now see that enemy’s location on the map. 

To shroud’s disbelief, he was able to watch the opponent as they rotated through the map to make their way elsewhere. And to his team’s disbelief, this was apparently not the first time this has happened to the famous streamer. 

“I’ve got the bug,” shroud said casually. 

As his teammates continued to make shocked exclamations and laugh with amusement, shroud started using the minimap to tell his squad exactly where the enemy was. 

“He’s right here,” shroud narrated. “I’m walking through the door right now. I’m behind him.”

After following the enemy, shroud decided to mess with the unsuspecting player. After popping up next to the Cypher, shroud hid behind a box and activated Yoru’s ultimate. This made him completely invisible, forcing the opponent to frantically search around for him. The distraction worked, and the enemy wasn’t able to plant the bomb, scoring a victory for shroud’s team. 

By this point, his squad was in hysterics. 

“That bug happens to me all the time,” shroud said. “I don’t understand. It’s happened since this new update and it happens all the time.”

Nobody is quite sure why this bug happened to shroud. Some Valorant players have theorized that the game glitched when shroud took cover after being damaged. It’s possible that the game erroneously registered continued vision on the enemy for some unknown reason. Even more confusing is how long shroud was able to keep seeing the enemy’s movements on the minimap.

So far, nobody has been able to replicate this strange situation. While game-breaking if players were able to exploit it in their own games, right now it seems like a rare occurrence in Valorant. Still, it will be interesting to see if Riot has a response to such a shocking bug being discovered so prominently. 

Who does shroud main in Valorant? 

shroud revealed his top three Valorant agents in the spring of 2020. They were Cypher, Sage, and Sova. He noted that Brimstone, Phoenix, and Breach would come next. Viper, Omen, and Jett were lower on his list. His least-played agent at the time was Raze. 

Since then, Valorant has added more agents. shroud seems to be having fun playing Yoru, the newest addition to the Valorant roster. 


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