shroud says there is no reason to play Valorant agent Skye

Olivia Richman • November 7, 20:04

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Michael “shroud” Grzesiek has recently dedicated a lot of his streaming time to Valorant. 

Over the past few days, shroud has had a lot of time to dabble with Skye, the new Valorant agent. After practicing with her, the FPS expert told his fans that he probably won’t be playing with Skye in the future. 

With the ability to heal allies and control a pack of aggressive wolves, Skye is theoretically an exciting addition to Riot’s tactical shooter, but shroud is not too impressed. The Australian eco-warrior just doesn’t fit his playstyle. 

“Skye’s not a very good pub character for me because she relies on you setting your team up. Being vocal for them, flashing for them, working together… But pubs never really are like that. Pubs are more so about individual performance,” shroud said. 

shroud explained that it’s tough to make individual plays with Skye since she can’t smoke or flash for herself. For shroud, who likes to play agents who shine in public games, this didn’t gel with his playstyle. He noted he would rather play Breach, who feels like a better version of Skye. 

“That might be the last time I play Skye. There’s no real reason for me to play her. Not really my style,” shroud said. 

Skye really shines when her abilities are coordinated with her team, especially when attacking. Skye has long-range abilities, meaning players will often stay back while teammates capitalize on their abilities up ahead. Given the lack of coordination to be had in a normal pub game, she might not be viable outside professional play.

While this may become very useful as the competitive meta transforms, pub players will probably not enjoy playing an agent who can’t really shine on her own. shroud is a more aggressive player who wants to get kills on stream, not stay in the back while his wolves guide his teammates forward. 


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