shroud says Fracture feels like a CSGO map, and this is why

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 6, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Popular Twitch streamer and first-person shooter specialist Michael “shroudGrzesiek has tried new Valorant map Fracture, and he thinks it’s most similar to maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Riot Games’ latest addition to Valorant’s map pool is a game-changer. It branches off from typical FPS map design, adding a new twist to the genre. Former CSGO pro and current Valorant streamer shroud dove into the new location, and he’s a fan.

During a recent stream, shroud showed offthe new map Fracture alongside other content creators, and he’s given a verdict on the new location.

“This is cool. It feels like a CS map. It feels kind of like Breeze,” shroud said.

Unlike other Valorant maps that strictly follow a singular theme, Fracture blends various sceneries into one. While one side of the map features destroyed facilities, the other is lush with greenery. The H-shape layout is unique, but shroud thinks that the overall spirit of the map is a lot like some layouts in Valve’s shooter, CSGO.

Most CSGO maps are small in size, complex, and have narrow entry points. New map Fracture has a B site so confined that shroud thinks it possible to rush it without Raze or Jett. It also has tons of choke points and enclosed spaces. The combination of indoor and outdoor grounds is also something that CSGO maps have in common with Fracture.

While Fracture has a double spawn concept, the map looks a lot like CSGO’s Mirage and Ancient, where Spawns of both the sites play a crucial role in the game.

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Many players previously linked Breeze to CSGO maps Cobblestone and Aztec. shroud’s opinion confirms that Fracture may have even more things closely related to locations in Valve’s shooters. The pro player compared the new map with Riot Games’ sixth map addition of Breeze.

“It’s good. I like it. It’s different. I feel like they went in the middle of Breeze, right? Where Breeze is like has an insane amount of communication, but this you can probably pug with little comms,” shroud said.

While casual players are yet to try out the new map, it seems that pro players love the new location. The feedback for Fracture has been relatively positive as compared to the previous two new maps. This location also has plenty of easter eggs and lore for players to sink their teeth in. Coupled with a split spawn design, Fracture makes for an exciting addition to the Valorant map pool.