Shroud says CSGO is “four times harder” than Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 17, 2023

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Twitch streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek is known as the king of FPS, and he thinks CSGO is the superior game when it comes to mechanics.

Valorant’s release in 2020 saw hundreds of players bid farewell to CSGO. shroud and Tarik “tarik” Celik were the most notable streamers to switch games due to their storied legacy in CSGO. Both former top professional players had started streaming Valorant, with shroud briefly dabbling in the pro scene for Sentinels as well.

It seems Source 2 rumors have tempted them to give CSGO another chance. While playing a game on Mirage, tarik and shroud discussed which FPS is more complex — and the entire lobby agreed on the same game.

On March 16, the two FPS icons got together to play CSGO. The nostalgia-inducing stream was a treat for CSGO fans. During the game, shroud asked the question that remains unanswered after three years of Valorant’s release: Which game is actually more difficult?

“(CS is) harder, 100%. Was that a trick question?” Tarik answered.

The rest of the players also agreed, but shroud remained quiet. The former Sentinel pro then explained why he thinks CSGO is harder.

“I think Valorant is harder strategically, but I think mechanically (CSGO) is four times hard,” shroud added.

Both the top streamers agreed that Valorant has its own challenges due to its complex abilities. But CSGO is tough to master because of the game mechanics. However, both were of the opinion that Valve’s FPS remains superior in terms of gameplay.

In 2023, Valorant has 22 agents, which makes it a tricky game for FPS beginners. Learning new agents, abilities, and more requires much time and patience, which new players generally prefer to avoid. Comparatively, CSGO is easy to begin but takes a lifetime to master. For this reason, even top Valorant pros may struggle in CSGO.

However, both games are unique and challenging. With Source 2 on the horizon, even Valorant players may be tempted to try out what Valve has created. However, it’s unlikely that Counter-Strike 2 would be much different.


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