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shroud says CS2 will be dead, and fans think he’s trolling

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 2, 2023

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Michael “shroud” Grzesiek’s CS-related opinions have caused quite a stir in the gaming community. Now, the FPS expert predicts that Counter-Strike will meet its end with 2.0. 

Many professional gamers in the FPS genre have found their peak success in Valve’s shooter games, and shroud is among those notable names. Initially known as one of North America’s finest, he swiftly rose to fame in the shooter community due to his informative content, engaging streams, and bold opinions.

His recent CS2 and Valorant comparison ruffled many feathers, and now, he has reiterated his stance, leading some players to believe it’s just bait.

On his recent stream, shroud made a bold claim and said that Counter-Strike will die with the latest game, CS2. This statement was met with shock by his own lobby mates, who said that he was being “slightly” negative. But, the real drama began where it always does: Twitter (Elon’s X).

shroud says CS2 will be the end of Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike 2 agent on map Nuke

While playing a game on Vertigo, shroud criticized how smokes performed in CS2 and claimed it would die soon. 

“I think this is the end of Counter-Strike, this game. We had a good run, no?” He said. 

While it’s a bold statement, it’s hard to determine if shroud is merely joking. His earlier remarks about CS2 sparked a strong reaction from the community, with prominent figures criticizing the retired pro for poorly comparing the game with Valorant. On social media, the community blew his original comments out of proportion, so now, fans think that shroud could be baiting for impressions. 

If he’s trolling, then he’s surely hit the nerve. His true intentions are unknown, but it’s an interesting conversation. However, CS2 is currently far from dying as it continues to maintain a thriving player count above 1 million.


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