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shroud says CS2 is “easier” than Valorant

By Olivia Richman


Sep 21, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

FPS star Michael “shroud” Grzesiek has boldly claimed that Valorant is now the “number one” first person shooter right now.

shroud has a long history as a top FPS player, starting as a Counter-Strike pro at the beginning of his career. He competed for five years before retiring and becoming a full-time streamer. His content largely focuses on his FPS prowess, ranging from Apex Legends to Valorant to Counter-Strike. He also ad a brief stint as a Valorant pro for Sentinels.

It’s safe to say that shorud has had a lot of time invested into Counter-Strike and Valorant, so his opinion is often respected in the gaming community.

shroud gives his latest opinion on CS2

After playing Valorant and Counter-Strike in a professional setting and at high competitive ranks, shroud previously concluded that Valorant is easier to play than Counter-Strike. But he has recently taken this opinion back.

Thanks to his experience playing Counter-Strike 2 ahead of its looming release, shroud has some new views on the ongoing rivalry between Counter-Strike and its colorful, new opponent. Now shroud believes Counter-Strike 2 is an “easier” game than Valorant, no question.

“I’m telling you. You guys just don’t understand. If s1mple goes to Valorant, he can’t compete,” shroud explained after backlash from his friends on stream.

While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is known for its focus on mechanical gameplay and straight up strategy, shroud has often criticized CS2 for being more like Valorant. Now it seems that the changes have made Counter-Strike 2 “easier” for players to master.

So that’s shroud’s opinion — for now.