Shroud pulled off an intense retake while opening loot crates

By Steven Rondina


Aug 12, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek knows how to make his games memorable.

A recent stream saw Shroud return to his old Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stomping grounds, Cache. The stream showed that the former Cloud9 player’s aim remains quite sharp, but even sharper are his skills as a showman. He demonstrated this with a wild retake of the A bombsite.

Following a plant on the A site, Shroud’s team begins to rotate towards the bomb. Shroud calls upon them to wait a second for a “good luck” case opening, during which he returns to the main menu of the game and cracks open a Prisma Case, netting a Skull Crusher R8.

Shroud catches up to his team for a three-on-three firefight and scores two kills and an assist. As he’s going for the defuse, he banters with one of his teammates regarding the crate opening and stops dead in order to open yet another Prisma Case, which yields a Crypsis FAMAS. Though he wasn’t particularly lucky with the opening, he returned to defusing the bomb at just the right time to seal the round win.

It was a memorable moment from Shroud that shows off everything fans love about him.

Shroud was a fan favorite during his time in Cloud9 courtesy of his big personality and his propensity for even bigger plays. Those raw skills haven’t left him since becoming a full-time streamer in 2017, which he shows off in a variety of different games including Apex Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. When he returns to CSGO, fans get to see those two things come together in an entertaining way.

Fans will immediately see Shroud playing CSGO and jump to the conclusion that he is shaking off the rust ahead of a return to professional play. Alas, he has been quite clear in recent weeks that he has no interest in returning to esports and is enjoying the life of a streamer.

In the meantime, Shroud has plenty to keep him busy in CSGO. Eagle-eyed fans may have noticed that he still has the surprisingly low ranking that he received when he returned to the game back in May. He’ll be looking to climb his way back up to the Global Elite in the coming weeks.


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