shroud considers bias on NoPixel server after xQc gets third ban

Fariha Bhatti • April 6, 2021 3:26 pm

Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s recent NoPixel ban has received a mixed reaction from the Twitch community, and Mike “shroud” Grzesiek’s sentiments aren’t much different. The popular streamer blames both sides for the messy situation. 

Drama and controversies are two critical ingredients in xQc’s GTA RP streams. The famed content creator frequently finds himself under the scrutiny of NoPixel admins and role-players who strictly play by the server rules. After the previous two bans for breaching these basic rules, xQc has again been ousted from NoPixel for yet undisclosed reasons. The ban has sent xQc fans into a tailspin while RP viewers are grateful that he’s off the server. 

shroud has also commented on the situation amid the chaos, and he’s not picking sides just yet. The streamer said that getting banned from a large server like NoPixel isn’t easy, “you have to try to get banned actively.” Still, xQc has been banished from the server thrice in a short time, which hints that he might have purposely aggravated the admins.

shroud wonders why xQc was banned from NoPixel GTA RP server

While shroud acknowledged xQc’s problematic behavior on the server, he conceded that subtle bias in NoPixel could be a reason why xQc always comes under the ban hammer. The streamer believes that the rules have always been “all over the place” in NoPixel, something xQc frequently said on his RP streams. 

“It could have easily been a case of, we’ll ban this person for this, but someone else did it, and we won’t ban them. It could have been something like that because I feel like NoPixel is so large, there is some bias,” shroud said. 

Despite his qualms around NoPixel’s rules, shroud recommended that everyone playing on the server should abide by its rules. The streamer stated that it only makes sense that you respect the rules instated by the admins. After all, “it’s their space, their realm.”

“I don’t play on a community server and start talking shit to the admins. If you do that, you should be done permanently. I’m not saying that happened,” shroud said. “But if it did, and that resulted in a permanent ban, then it would make sense.” 

Why was xQc banned from NoPixel?

The reason behind xQc’s third ban remains unknown, so it’s still difficult to say if twas unfair towards xQc. In a 20-hour live stream, xQc upset several police officers and encouraged his viewers to hop into the chats of other role-players he encountered. For now, the streamer remains banned from GTA’s one of largest roleplay servers. 


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