xQc gets third ban from GTA RP NoPixel server after a chaotic stream

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 5, 2021

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Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s recent stream has once again landed him in hot water as he received his third ban from the GTA Roleplay server NoPixel. 

The exact reason for the ban isn’t known as xQc did several shady things during his long RP stream, but a brawl with police likely put him in the crosshairs of the admins. 

The reason behind his ban is unclear, but it’s most likely a valid one as xQc’s recent RP stream was chaotic and loaded with criminal activities. xQc’s apartment was raided by a cop after he tried to rob him. The streamer misbehaved with authorities multiple times, held them at gunpoint until he was finally banned.

This marks xQc’s third and probably a permanent ban in the NoPixel server. The streamer quickly turned off his 20-hour long stream after accusing the other role-players of meta-gaming. 

Why was xQc banned on the NoPixel server?

xQc’s RP character has a long account of criminal activities, which is why he’s actively on the police’s radar.

This time, the police arrested xQc and sentenced him to 224 months in jail. The cops also seized his cellphone, a common practice by authorities. However, a stressed-out xQc didn’t take it well and looked visibly mad on his stream.

Consequently, his viewers decided to hop on other role-player’s stream to show support for xQc. While he was in jail, the supporters raided other streamers’ chat with disrespectful comments. xQc didn’t stop his viewers but encouraged them by saying “thank god” after finding out about the chat hopping. 

The fans weren’t simply showing support for xQc but were leaving rude and disrespectful comments on the streams of other role-players. NoPixel cop Kyle addressed the chat.

“You’re jumping from some guy’s stream to complain about something that nobody did, for somebody who doesn’t even know you exist. You are a sad fucking idiot,” Kyle said. 

Penta was another police officer that xQc disrespected, but the streamer has revealed that xQc has since apologized for his behavior.

xQc’s RP streams are equally famous among the fans and haters of the streamers. The content creator is known for his mischievous plots on the server and his criminal character that is always at loggerheads with the town police.

His erratic behavior has previously got him a ban after engaging in VDM (vehicle deathmatch) against other players. Misusing an unauthorized glitch to attack the police earned him his second ban on the NoPixel server. 


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