shroud blasts Valve for letting Valorant “walk all over” CSGO

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 15, 2022

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Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Michael “shroud” Grzesiek isn’t happy with Valve’s approach to his old game and he has some advice for the developer on how to return the game to its former glory.

shroud may have stopped playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but he still cares about his former “main game.” While watching the trailer for Valorant’s newest agent, Neon, shroud said CSGO has somewhat slipped into the background. The Valorant streamer is “pissed” at Valve for not caring about the still-popular tactical shooter.

Valorant is just a year old and in that time, Riot Games has rolled out 18 agents, loads of skins, new maps, various LTMs, and more. That one year of Valorant has arguably yielded more content than the entire lifespan of CSGO to this point.

The hype around each agent has proven how popular Valorant really is. Neon is the newest Valorant agent, and she’s freshened up the game meta with her speed and style. shroud instantly liked the new character, but it made him upset how Valorant is walking “all over CSGO’s” popularity.

CSGO is no longer the go-to FPS game, according to shroud. The more modern style and gameplay of Valorant has arguably overshadowed CSGO’s realistic gunplay.

shroud has repeatedly discussed how Riot’s shooter will dominate the FPS genre. According to him, CSGO is a “boomer game” that is too slow and “dated.” Despite his harsh words, shroud still has a soft spot for CSGO as he’s frustrated that Valve isn’t taking any action to battle Valorant back.

“CS step your game up! Valve is pissing me off. They’re letting Riot and Valorant walk all over them,” Shroud said while reacting to Neon. “Who cares? They don’t care. We don’t care.”

shroud calls out Valve for letting CSGO die

While Riot has continued to roll out updates to keep its shooter fresh, CSGO players are still waiting for basic things like bug fixes, higher tick rate servers, effective anti-cheat, and more. Just like shroud, the CSGO community is also annoyed at how little Valve actually does for the game. However, shroud has a few tips for Valve to help bring CSGO back to life.

“CSGO is far from perfect. The game is dated as hell. They just gotta work on it, you know? Either they can do the Dota 2 attempt and try to update it engine-wise or make a new game and get innovative. Maybe not play the same maps the whole day,” he said.

It remains to be seen whether Valve has some plans in store for 2022. After hitting all-time highs in 2020, CSGO’s popularity has dipped. It remains to be seen whether the developer will take action to stay at the top of the genre.


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