Should you give Nepheli Loux the potion in Elden Ring?

By Nicholas James


Mar 9, 2022

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Nepheli Loux is an NPC in Elden Ring that introduces players to summoning allies in Stormveil Castle, but her questline ultimately revolves around whether to give her a potion.

Nepheli can be found in Stormveil Castle, near the final Site of Grace before the area boss fight with Godrick the Grafted. Once you’ve met her here, she’ll open up one of many questlines in Elden Ring helping NPCs out.

How to start Nepheli Loux questline in Elden Ring

Nepheli can be found near the Secluded Cell Site of Grace before Godrick. After exiting the Secluded Cell room, look to the left to find two soldiers and a troll. Beat them, move forward, and there will be a room to the side of that pathway with a dead knight that has Nepheli standing over them.

After exhausting her dialogue options, she’ll become a summonable option for the Godrick fight. Nepheli does not require any item to summon and is a great help in the Godrick boss battle, wielding two big axes that can help stagger Godrick more easily.

Once you’ve defeated Godrick, she will join the cast of characters you meet in the Roundtable Hold. If you speak with her, she’ll grant the incredibly useful Arsenal Charm that increases how much weight the player can carry. This can help heavier characters still retain a fast dodge roll for being below three quarters of their maximum equipment load.

What happens if you give Nepheli Loux the potion from Seluvis in Elden Ring questline?

Players should give Nepheli Loux the potion from Seluvis if they want to become more powerful. If they want to maintain a level of ethical integrity, they ought to give it to Gideon Ofnir.

Ultimately, giving her the potion offers the player a number of exclusive spirit summoning ashes that can’t be obtained otherwise. Alternatively, they can also hold onto the potion until later on and give it to the Dung Eater as part of his questline. Either way, it nets the player exclusive spirit ashes.

Nepheli is a part of an offshoot of Ranni’s questline with Seluvis giving the player a potion to hand off to Nepheli. Seluvis is found in the Three Sisters region of Liurnia of the Lakes in a tower located near Ranni’s Rise in the deep northwestern corner of Liurnia.

The next step is to find Nepheli at the Village of the Albinaurics in Liurnia of the Lakes. This is in the southwestern corner of Liurnia on the very high plateau, to the northwest of Stormveil Castle. Speak to her and then defeat the Omenkiller boss across a bridge above Nepheli.

From here you must once again find Nepheli in Roundtable Hold downstairs from the Blacksmith. Speak to her again, then speak to Gideon Ofnir in the Roundtable hold. You can choose to give him the potion to dispose of or hand it off to Nepheli, who is emotionally distraught after the battle with Omenkiller. If you give Nepheli the potion she will become a puppet for Seluvis and become unresponsive.

Blog post image
The location of Seluvis’ secret room.

After either giving the potion over to Nepheli or Gideon, the player can return to Seluvis to have him start selling sorceries. From there, head to Seluvis’ secret room to the northeast of Ranni’s Rise. There’s a fake floor that can be removed by attacking the ground with a jumping attack. Look through the room and advance through another hidden path below while interacting with a message on the floor from Seluvis.

Speak with Seluvis again and he’ll offer up a few exclusive spirit ash options. The player gets one for free but needs to purchase the others later on using Starlight Shards. The player will eventually have the option to betray Ranni to help Seluvis in exchange for a Magic Scorpion Charm and more ashes after obtaining the Fingerslayer Blade.

The player can ultimately get Nepheli Loux Puppet ashes if they gave her the potion. If the player instead gave the potion to Dung Eater, they will instead receive Dung Eater Puppet ash.


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