Make sure to get these items in Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring

By Nicholas James


Mar 2, 2022

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Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring is the first real test on a Tarnished’s path to glory, and it has plenty of great items as rewards for dedicated players.

Stormveil Castle will introduce you to two difficult bosses worthy of FromSoftware’s reputation, some excellent jumping puzzles to live out parkour fantasies, and hidden items galore. The castle can be accessed at the end of the long path that leads northwest, past many of Godrick’s soldiers.

Once there, players can find an assortment of items including weapons, talismans, and much more.

Best items in Stormveil Castle

Here are some of the best items that players can find in Stormveil Castle:

  • Hook Claws
  • Godslayer’s Seal
  • Omen Cleaver
  • Banished Knight weapons, armor
  • Iron Whetblade
  • Stormcaller (Ash of War)
  • Rancorcall (Sorcery)

There are lots of useful items in Stormveil Castle, but the three most universally valuable items are the Iron Whetblade, the Stormcaller Ash of War, and the Godslayer’s Seal. All three help different varieties of builds.

The Iron Whetblade can be accessed behind Stonesword Key fog wall near the horrifying Many Armed Key Master area boss. The Iron Whetblade is found on a corpse in the armory and allows you to apply the Heavy, Keen, or Quality affinities to an item when applying Ashes of War. This massively increases your flexibility with Ashes of War and is a must-get for most characters.

The Stormcaller Ash of War can be found by killing a scarab directly opposite the last Site of Grace just outside of Godrick, The Grafted’s arena. Simply kill the scarab to collect this Ash of War that pushes back enemies, buying time to escape or setting up an attack.

Finally, the Godslayer’s Seal can be found from the Rampart Tower Site of Grace. Taking the elevator down to the feast hall, you exit past the waiting arches and go into a doorway on the left that leads down. Beyond this are some enemies and a door of white mist that requires a Stonesword Key to open, behind which this powerful Faith and Strength weapon for Incantation builds can be found. It’s especially useful for Confessors, who can make use of both the faith and strength scaling.

How to complete Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring

Once you’ve entered the tunnel that leads to Stormveil Castle and found the Site of Grace on the left side of the tunnel, you’re faced with the first true boss of Elden Ring. Margit, the Fell Omen is an aggressive and high damage boss that has frustrated many Elden Ring players.

If you want to make this fight easier, you can find a secret item called Margit’s Shackle to the river due east of the Stormgate. Once there, Margit’s Shackle can be purchased from an NPC named Patches. This item is a consumable that can be used twice a fight to stun Margit, allowing you to safely deal damage. It’s a concept similar to Bloodborne’s first boss, Father Gascoigne, giving players the chance to make the fight easier by obtaining a music box.

Margit is certainly killable without it and Astrologers will have minimal trouble, especially when summoning spirits to share aggro. Those struggling might find it worth the time to purchase this item.

Entering Stormveil Castle

Once you’ve made your way past Margit’s arena, you’ll head left around the edge of the castle at the behest of an NPC. Climb your way up the ruined path to find a Site of Grace, this is your first proper resting spot in the fortress. From here you’ll have to slowly make your way through the castle’s rooms, filled with weak minions that throw firebombs.

The first step is to make your way up the floors until you find a dark room filled with vases. Once you step inside, the door will lock and you will be attacked by a knight. After defeating the knight, you get a key to open a door on the second floor where you entered the castle.

From here you want to head left, up towards a tower guarded by a knight. Don’t engage this enemy yet, wait until its back is turned, and run up the stairs. On the first landing, there is another Site of Grace for you to rest at. Opposite it is an elevator that allows you to unlock a shortcut through the castle. A level up is a tower with some items that can be snuck by finding a ladder early on.

Finding the king

The rest of this level is best dealt with in a timeless Soulslike strategy of sprinting past everything to get to the next checkpoint. The first Site of Grace can be found past several rows of wooden fortifications manned by Godrick’s soldiers. Once past them and up the large stone stairs, turn left along the castle wall and open the door to find the next Site of Grace.

From here it will be a slow grind allow the castle battlements until you reach a long, curving courtyard. Run past enemies and up into the small tunnel. To the right is the final Site of Grace, resting here will allow you to confront the area boss easily, as well explore other areas.

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Godrick the Grafted is is the first major boss of Elden Ring.

How to defeat Godrick the Grafted

The boss of Stormveil Castle is Godrick, the Grafted. This is a fight that will teach you to use every available resource to improve your odds. You can meet a cooperator NPC who will aid in the fight, as well as summon using Spirit Ashes.

Use spirits and any cooperators to distract Godrick, closing in for damage when his back is turned. Beware his powerful shockwave’s second activation and his large, sweeping attacks. In Godrick’s second form, he’ll gain powerful area fire damage and add more strikes to most of his combos.

As soon as the second phase starts, run back to the door where you entered to avoid the fire before reengaging. When Godrick commits to his slow, walking flamethrower attack, he’s most vulnerable for damage. Approach from behind and deliver your most powerful strikes. Staggering Godrick buys lots of time for free damage.

Once Godrick is defeated, you’re ready to move on from Stormveil Castle, unless you want to hunt its secrets. Best of luck in Stormveil Castle and the world beyond it, Tarnished.


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