How to do the Ranni questline in Elden Ring, get all rewards

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Ranni is already a fan favorite in Elden Ring thanks to her extremely complex questline and fascinating lore.

Warning: Story spoilers ahead for Elden Ring.

The demigods are the driving force behind Elden Ring’s story, but one stands out for not only befriending the player, but casting their Great Rune aside. Ranni the Witch became one of Elden Ring’s most anticipated characters ever since closing the first story trailer. Ranni offers the most complex questline in all of Elden Ring, but the rewards make it worth the effort. Here’s how to start Ranni’s questline and what it eventually gives the player.

To start things off with Ranni, players must first meet her in Ranni’s Rise to the west of Carian Manor. She will ask the player to join her, which they must accept. Ranni will kick off the questline by making the Tarnished meet with her other servants including Preceptor Seluvis, War Counselor Iji, and Half-Wolf Blaidd. To advance further, players must clear out the Siofra River Underground including the area boss, Ancestor Spirit. 

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From there, players must meet with Half-Wolf Blaidd east of the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. He will mention a tournament taking place at Redman Castle in the very southeast of the map. From there, players must attend and defeat Starscourge Radahn, one of the five Shardbearers.

If the player has started the quest, Blaidd himself will show up to help. After that, return to Ranni and receive a mysterious key to unlock the secret of Carian Study Hall.

Those tasks are more than most other NPC quests require, but these are only the first steps for this questline. The path is long and requires plenty of legwork, but has some very big rewards and major stakes for the game’s story.

What are the rewards in Elden Ring’s Ranni questline?

Aside from access to several unique areas and bosses, the Ranni questline includes a ton of items to help Tarnished on their journey for the Elden Ring.

After joining Ranni, War Counselor Iji will sell the Carian Filigreed Crest which reduces the FP cost of spells and skills. This is valuable for any build that relies on either. The Eternal City of Nokstella will reward a ton of Larval Tears for reallocating stats as well as the Mimic Tear Ash. The Mimic Tear is the strongest Spirit Ash in all of Elden Ring as it directly copies the player, spells and all. Later on in the quest, players will get access to Blaidd’s gear and special spells from defeating Preceptor Miriam.

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The ultimate reward for is the Moonlight Greatsword. Named the Dark Moon Greatsword in Elden Ring, this intelligence-based greatsword appears in almost all of FromSoftware’s games. It’s very powerful, and the skill causes heavy attacks to shoot special projectiles.

Finally, completing Ranni’s quest unlocks a special alternate ending for Elden Ring. Finish off the final boss and choose the Age of the Stars option to see the special ending.