Shattered Web’s Week 11 challenges require a lot of patience

By Nick Johnson


Jan 30, 2020

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Week 11 of Shattered Web’s missions are live, and they’re not blowing people away.

With only five weeks left, Shattered Web’s missions are getting closer to chores than they are a fun challenge for the fans of the game. “A Dry Heat” brings more of the same as players grind away for the elusive golden Shattered Web coin, the only reason for players to complete more missions than they absolutely have to.

CSGO Challenges for week 11 of Shattered Web

  • No Sweat: “Get 10 kills with the Tec-9 or Five-Seven in Casual: Dust II.”
  • Watch Your Fingers: “Get 20 Breach Charge kills in Guardian: Dust II.”
  • Preheat Oven to 300 Degrees: “Deal 300 utility damage in Casual: Mirage.”
  • A Hot Desert Wind: “Get 10 Kills in Danger Zone.”
  • The Heat Is On: “Get 16 round wins in Wingman: Shortdust
  • Scorched Earth: “Get 200 kills in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta.”

Just like a real desert, Week 11 of Shattered Web barren of any sort of interesting content, choosing instead to recycle missions from previous weeks with minor differences. That doesn’t mean that diehard fans don’t still want the gold Shattered Web coin, so let’s break down each challenge for week 11.

The Heat Is On

Wingman’s “The Heat Is On” takes players to Shortdust and asks them to win 16 rounds, an easy task for most Wingman aficionados. Shortdust is easily Wingman’s most popular map, so newcomers to the mode want to take a quick walk around and check out the layout.

Luckily, recently published a guide with a ton of examples on how to grab a win on the map, plus all the grenade and strat tips you’ll ever need. So take our help and grind out the 16 rounds you need.

Preheat Oven to 300 Degrees

Welcome to Casual: Mirage, the domain of the few. Preheat asks players to deal 300 utility damage to enemy players. That means grenades and anything that’s on fire. This one is interesting. Here’s the best way to complete “Preheat Oven to 300 Degrees.”

  • Choose the CT side.
  • The moment any utility comes onto a site, throw a HE grenade and an incendiary deep into the choke point. That’s apartments on B site and ramp on A. Palace is also an option. If players a feeling risky, a quick trip through connector from A to HE top mid is going to fill that progress bar very quickly.
  • Rinse, repeat. 

T side is going to take way too long. The small chokepoints push utility damage in the CT’s favor. If T side is the only option, consider just leaving the game and working on another challenge.

A Hot Desert Wind

Ten kills in Danger Zone isn’t too bad. There is no weapon requirement, so seek out fights, group with your partner and grab your ten kills. Danger Zone really is a neat mode once you understand the possibilities.

Players often overlook drone upgrades that make the mode more fun and help a player survive, and sticking together is essential.

No Sweat might take longer than players want it to. For some reason, some Casual games are filled with users possessing great aim and little regard for the challenges of others. Learn off angles, throw your smokes, and players will be done in no time.

Scorched Dust

There aren’t any tips here except to buckle down and grind them out. 200 Kills inside a CSGO Deathmatch server is a lot. The general tip is to use the deathmatches to practice with some weapons that people don’t often use, like the MP7, Scout, and the Tech 9.

Finally, this week’s guardian mission is just weird. Players have to collect 20 kills with Danger Zone’s breach charge, small throwable packets of C4. Dust 2 is this week’s arena, and this might be the most frustrating mission yet. Set on Dust 2’s B site, players are armed with only a five-seven and three breach charges per round.

Thankfully, the enemies only have Glocks. That bad news is is that there’s a Heavy Phoenix that spawns in every wave after the second. We hade the most success using one of each of our breach charges as traps, laying them at tunnels and doors. We used the remaining two as offensive weapons. 


The charges do stick to enemies, so challenging your inner Master Chief is a good idea. There is no Negev to save players from the heavy this week, so a direct stick with a breach charge will work. That said, it’s risky. Don’t sweat the getting the Break Charge kills. Every wave is exactly the same. The kills will come in time, so focus on staying alive and hitting the mission objective when you get there.

The CSGO patch means its time for Dust 2, point 5.  Last evening’s update finally opened the skybox above upper tunnels and the B Site. The walks are too high for grenades or CT incediaries, but smokes and flashes work just fine.

You can check out our reports the Mirage and Dust 2 changes here.


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