Shattered Web’s Week 10 challenges are the most difficult yet

By Nick Johnson


Jan 21, 2020

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Valve has released the Week 10 challenges for CSGO’s ninth operation, and they’re a doozy.

Week 10 will have players making the rounds between almost every playable mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While there aren’t any Danger Zone challenges this week, players are going to have to get crafty to complete some of these objectives.

  • Practice Makes Perfect: “Get 15 default pistol kills in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Sigma.”
  • Solid Fundamentals: “Get 20 M4A1-S kills in Guardian: Canals.”
  • Pick-Up Game: “Get 5 kills with an enemy’s primary rifle in Casual: Dust II.”
  • Man-To-Man: “Get 3 knife kills in Arms Race.”
  • Dropping Bombs: “Deal 100 utility damage in Competitive.”
  • There’s Only I in Team: “Earn 5 aces in Wingman.”

 As usual, there are a few challenges in week 10 that only require some time to complete. “Practice Makes Perfect,” “Pick-Up Game,” and “Dropping Bombs” are all relatively simple to complete, even for newer players. As long as players keep the objectives in mind and make sure they are set as the active mission, they’ll eventually get done.

Shattered Web challenges, Guardian missions are getting harder

“Solid Fundamentals” is this week’s Guardian mission, and the AI difficulty is cranked up to high. The bots will wallbang players who make too much noise while sitting on Canal’s A site, and a Heavy Phoenix will spawn in every wave starting with wave three. 

They’ll also turn on a player quicker than you can say “VAC.”

The image above shows an approximation of the playable area and where the AI will attack. In our testing, we never saw the bots throw any grenades or come from behind. All three blue positions are viable until round three. When the heavy spawns, players will want to stick to the left two positions and use grenades to slow the AI push.

To deal with the heavy Phoenix, the Negev is still the best weapon for the job. It may take players a few extra rounds, but keeping their score is more important than hitting the 20 M4A1-S kills needed to complete the mission. Dead players can’t hit get kills, so use the Negev when needed, even on the normal bots.

“Man to Man” is either going to be impossible or impossibly easy depending on what kind of lobby a player matches into. The mission doesn’t say that players need Gold Knife kills, just knife kills. Arms race lobbies might turn into knife deathmatches until a player gets their three kills, and then it’s off to the races. The knife kills will come with time, especially if everyone agrees to slice away until the mission is complete. 

In the likelihood that other players in the lobby don’t cooperate, a late-night game should pit players against bots that are much easier to knife while sitting in a closet on Safehouse.

Much like “Man to Man,” “There’s Only I in Team” could go either way. Coordinating with the enemy team to finish up a challenge in the first 12 rounds and then playing out the match makes it a piece of cake. But running into players that aren’t matchmaking for the challenge means some will have to get their aces the old fashioned way.

Next week is earliest that players will be able to upgrade to the gold Shattered Web Coin. The gold version of the operation collectible requires that players have completed 66 of the 70 available missions, including those from this week and next week’s week 11 challenges.



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