Shattered Web’s final mission week returns to Kasbah for finale

By Nick Johnson


Mar 4, 2020

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Shattered Web is slowly coming to an end, and with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s final week of its latest operation, players have some classic challenges to complete. In addition, Valve has included a second cooperative strike with today’s patch that takes players back to the Kasbah to destroy Kreigeld and his virus in “Quarantined, Isolated, Eliminated.”

This week’s missions are a mix of the classics, taking queues from previous CSGO Operations. Players will take down hordes of chickens and break countless window panes in what will be a nice post-operation stat for Valve to deploy.

Ultimately, Shattered Web’s final week is an homage to operations past in its challenges and its cooperative mission. Named the Phoenix Facility, Kreigenzfeld’s deadly virus and his base of operations echo the fantastic Operation Hydra.

Shattered Web Week 16 Challenges and the final cooperative mission are live

  • Feather Dusting: Massacre 20 chickens in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta
  • Oil Spill: Blow up 10 explosive barrels in Danger Zone.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Get 10 round wins in Competitive: Agency
  • Shatter Expectations: Break 200 window panes in Casual: Hostage Group
  • Great Location, Some Explosions: Get 16 round wins in Wingman: Lake
  • Quarantined, Isolated, Eliminated: Destroy the Phoenix production facility and eliminate Franz Kriegeld

Shattered Web’s final coop mission is a wild ride

At roughly twice the length of Counter-Strike’s first cooperative mission, “Quarantined, Isolated, Eliminated” is a great time. Spoilers below, you’ve been warned!

Franz Kriegeld is the owner of the Phoenix Compound some players may remember from Operation Hydra. He is also strongly tied to Counter-Strike’s fictional terrorist organization, called the Phoenix Initiative, and its leader, Valeria Jenner.

In the initial Shattered Web build, players could sneakily launch the Kasbah mission and noclip through a door to find a Phoenix, Valeria’s calling card, spraypainted in one of its rooms.

Chasing down Kreigeld is a good time, especially on hard. CSGO’s bots are stronger than ever, and it shows in “Quarantined, Isolated, Eliminated.”

Players team up with a friend and fight their way through the Kasbah a second time, searching for the nefarious Krieg while destroying his virus manufacturing capabilities. Unlike previous operations, players didn’t get much story with Shattered Web. That might be about to change, however.

That said, when players stumble into Kreigeld’s office on their way to stop the Phoenix henchman, there are some curious images on a projector that could hint where CSGO’s next operation could be headed.

Overall, Shattered Web’s last cooperative mission is definitely worth a playthrough or two, even if just to check out CSGO’s updated AI. It really is brutal, and bots are even equipped with Assault Suits, so players might find the challenge refreshing after grinding out 200 window pane kills.

Diamond coins available, Shattered Web pass holders can complete the pass until March 30

Soon after the patch’s release, Valve updated the CSGO Blog with both the end date for Shattered Web and the official patch notes. According to the blog, those players who purchased the premium pass have until March 30 to complete it and reap its rewards. 

Finally, the blog announced that Shattered Web’s Diamond Collectable Coin is available for any player who completes all 100 of the operation’s challenges.

Shattered Web Patch Notes. March 3, 2020

  • Added all operation missions for Week 16.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Materials now store an internal parameter precache to reduce the need for disk access during gameplay.
  • Fixed a regression with player models in Danger Zone.

Map Fixes

  • Vertigo
    • Fixed server lag exploit
    • Fixed minor graphical bugs


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