Seoul Dynasty add two fresh players to fill out OWL roster

By Olivia Richman


Mar 6, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

After less than stellar performances against Boston Uprising and New York Excelsior, Seoul Dynasty have confirmed that the team is adding two more players to what is now a 12-man roster.

The Overwatch League team has picked up flex DPS Park “Illicit” Jae-min and support Lee “Highly” Sung-hyuk from the Korean Contenders scene after the two made a strong impression during their brief pro careers to date.

Seoul Dynasty manager Lee Ho-chul said the two players showed outstanding plays that made them stand out from their competitors in the Contenders league.

Illicit was voted as one of the MVPs in Contenders Korea Season 2.

While their individual skills have been noted by Seoul Dynasty, the two Contenders competitors did not see positive results with their most recent teams. Illicit’s team BlossoM fell out of contention in Contenders Korea Season 3 and was sent down to trials. Highly was a member of 02 Blast, which tied for last place in Season 3.

“I will show calm but confident performance during the upcoming matches. I will try my best to help the team through intense practice,” Highly said.

Having a 12-man roster has raised eyebrows in the OWL community as most teams with excess players in the first season didn’t seem to benefit. Currently ranked 13 out of the 20 OWL teams, it’s possible Seoul is looking to substitute some of its players going into the next few matches after disappointing performances.

Seoul Dynasty still has the chance to secure a spot in the stage one playoffs if the team wins its next two games. But competition is fierce.

Seoul will next play Washington Justice on March 9, followed by reigning champion London Spitfire.

“We expect our current players to receive positive energy from the new players’ passion and ambition, while the newcomers can learn from their new teammates. They will create synergy from each other,” Ho-chul said.


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