Saints Row 2022 digital editions and pre-order bonus explained

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Saints Row brings many of the trappings of 2000’s-era gaming to 2022 including a special gold and platinum edition, and an enticing pre-order bonus.

With just weeks before its August 23 release date, Saints Row has revealed its pre-order bonus and lineup of digital editions. While the base game costs the expected price of $60, extras can push the price tag all the way up to $100. Here are all the different editions of Saints Row across all platforms along with their pre-order bonuses explained.

What are 2022 Saints Row Gold and Platinum Edition?

Saints Row Gold Edition gives players the standard game with a bundle of DLC, while Platinum Edition gives players the DLC alongside another Saints Row game.

Saints Row has three different digital editions with various bonus content. For digital purchasers, the game comes in three forms with the standard Saints Row game alongside the Gold Edition and Platinum Edition.

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The $60, standard issue of Saints Row includes all the release content along with any applicable pre-order bonuses. The next step up is the $90 Saints Row Gold Edition, which includes both a bonus content pack inspired by the Los Panteros gang that will appear in the reboot and the expansion pass for future downloadable content.

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The Saints Row Platinum Edition includes all of the previous content along with a copy of Saints Row The Third Remastered. The graphical update for the older title, which was released in 2021, currently sells for $40 on digital marketplaces. Purchasing the game digitally will automatically generate a digital key for the HD cut of The Third.

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For the physical editions, a premium version of Saints Row called the Legacy Edition will be available for $80. This version of the game includes a physical copy of the base game with the expansion pass included. As with the platinum version, this version includes a copy of The Third Remastered.

Saints Row pre-order bonus is free vehicles, clothes, and guns

The Saints Row 2022 pre-order bonuses include a variety of digital content for the game.

All of the content included in these packs appears to be available in-game. Players without these bonuses can purchase them after certain story events for in-game currency. According to developer information, players with these bonuses should simply have access to these goodies as soon as they start playing.

Players who pre-order Saints Row on any platform will get access to the Idols Anarchy Pack. The bundle includes a custom neon helmet and neon-wrapped baseball bat. The aesthetics of the items are inspired by The Idols, a new gang focused on technology and partying.

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PC players who spring for the Gold Edition of Saints Row will get a pre-order bonus pack in addition to the Idols Anarchy Pack. The Saints Criminal Customs pack takes inspiration from the titular gang. The custom convertible sports a purple and black color scheme to elevate the ride’s style while the purple jacket looks like it was ripped right from Johnny Gat’s closet.

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Both of these pre-order bonuses are only available before the official Saints Row release date of August 23, 2022.